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Luna Vineyards
Freakout White Wine Blend
Napa Valley 2007

I stumbled on this wine in Trader Joes’…price point was great, but what really steered me to buy this wine was that it was from Luna Vineyards. I am very familiar with Luna wines out of Napa and know that they do not price point wines below $15 at their winery very often, if ever! My curiosity got the best of me on this one…knowing what great wines Luna produces and then finding one in a local TJ’s for $5.99 – I had to try it.

The wine is a blended white: Pinot Grigio; Ribolla Gialla; Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. All wine tasting is subjective – this wine is certainly one that will stand subjectively tall! It’s very unique in the nose and pallet. Visually the wine is “Golden”, almost yellow. On the nose, it has a sweet honeysuckle & melon up front with hints of lavender & slight oak in the background. A hint of mineral as well. In tasting it – I first got a bit of the old school “Buttery Chardonnay Effect” as it’s initial mouthfeel was creamy and full, then the slight acidity of lemon and apple tartness kicked in – this was the Sauvignon Blanc at work, but the acidity was “short lived” as the finish was not very long. The wine is very crisp and clean. Nicely dry with a good alcohol level of 13.5%. You definitely don’t want this one to have too much chill on it – as it will bring nothing to the taste buds if too cold in temperature. To sum it up: the wine is kinda’ a “Chardonnay” effect with a “Sauvignon Blanc” moment and a “Ribolla Gialla” coming in third place. (I really feel the Pinot Grigio gets rather lost in this blend)

I give this one a “THREE BOTTLE” rating. I found myself in a “love / hate” relationship with this wine, so I generously gave it three bottles instead of two. I think, depending on my mood and pocketbook status, I would buy it again. At $5.99 this is a “fun find” for YOUR “subjective view” and will most likely be had by California readers only, as I do not see Luna Vineyards having this on their website for shipping and I have only seen it in Northern California Trader Joe stores. Give it swirl!