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Tin Roof Cellars
Central Coast California
Merlot 2007

If you are new to drinking red wines or you know someone who is, this Merlot is a great wine to cut your teeth on. Merlots in general are good starter red wines, as they are medium bodied and usually mild on tannic structure. They pair well most proteins from some shellfish, roasted chicken to grilled steaks and vegetables.

Tin Roof Cellars bottle out of Santa Rosa, California. They distribute most of their wines through mass distributers and retailers, so their wines are not directly purchased via their website. You can, however, visit their site for lots of fact information on their wines.

I have bought Tin Roof Merlots many times before, although this was my first 2007 vintage. I have tried the 2005 vintage as well as the 2006 and all their wines have been consistent. (the 2005 being the best – but that was a strong year for wines in CA).

Before telling you how this merlot tasted and rated, it must be known that the wine requires extensive “breathing” in order to get full taste and enjoyment out of it. I used a Vinturi aerator AND let it decant in the glass for at least an hour. if you plan on drinking the bottle on same day, then a decanter would work best. If you have none of these tools, then uncork the bottle and let it sit for a couple hours before enjoying. Once ready to drink, you’ll notice the fruit really stands out. On the nose you’ll get cherries & plum up front w/ a bit of current. There are slight hints of green pepper and a little cedar as well. Swirling you’ll notice a great visual – deep smokey red with such clarity that you can almost see through it.
The taste is fruity, some light tart cherry and strawberry that hangs on for a bit. Medium body and a moderate finish. Its very light on tannins as well.

I give this one “THREE BOTTLES” as I would buy this a few times a year to keep around as a everyday “go to” red. I have seen this wine at Costco locations in northern California as well as several retail .com websites for around $8.99 a bottle. I found the “deal of the month” at my local Grocery Outlet for $2.99!!   It’s definitely worth a try at that price! Tin Roof Cellars Merlot is basic and tasty and everything a merlot should be and with a great price point, it’s why its such a good value. Give it a swirl 🙂