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Peirano Estate – Lodi, CA
Rose’ of Cabernet 2008

Once again, it’s Peirano Estates out of Lodi, CA that makes a review cut. I just can’t express how many great wines they have and at such a value.

This Rose’ is “special”. I’ve never been much of a Rose’ drinker, so when I was at Peirano’s tasting room, going through their 14 wine line-up, I started to skip over the Rose’ and Meghan (their tasting room associate and wine guru that day) says to me, “no way…you can’t skip this one, you have to try it even if you don’t like Roses’ – it’s REALLY different!” Ok, she had me….and I’m so glad she did…..
It was wonderful!

The wine is made from 100% Cabernet and it is to Cabernet what Bud Light is to Budweiser! What makes it so unique is, in this Rose’ you can taste ALL of the cabernet flavors. The flavors that are always so subtle in a big cab…the strawberries; plums even a little pomegranate – they really stand tall in this Rose’. It is dry, but has a sweetness on the nose and initially when you take a sip, but incredibly smooth, dry and a long finish. Just awesome for any summertime fair or food. This is definitely a ” FOUR BOTTLE” rating, as I made sure I had several put into my mixed cases when I left that day! Such a value at less than $12/bottle! (and a beautiful bottle at that..)

Rose’ of Cabernet has turned me into a “Rose’ Drinker” and I will continue to seek out more Roses’ to try in my near future, but I’m not sure I’ll ever find this type of love affair with another! 🙂