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Neil Bassetti Vineyards
Cabernet Sauvignon
Monterey County 2006

This was an interesting find at my local Grocery Outlet. I always walk the wine isles when I’m there to see what is new. This one caught my eye and when I checked via apps and online info on the wine, that’s where it got interesting. There isn’t much at all about this company nor their wines… It intrigued me to “buy & try”. 🙂

The most information I could round up on this producer was that Neil Bassetti and family have been produce farmers and suppliers for many years and in Mr. Bassetti’s later years, he started a vineyard and has turned all of his personal attention to the vines. They live and produce wine out of the Central Valley. It would seem that between only having a Facebook page and a website through BG Global Wines – (http://www.bgglobalwines.com/Home.html) their true distribution is overseas, mostly to the China market. Now, does any of this matter when finding a bargain California Cabernet…? No, other than you will only be able to find this one at Grocery Outlet stores, from what I can tell. No online access to it, at least that I was unable to find!

Now the GREAT news is the bargain that Grocery Outlet is offering this Cabernet at: $4.99! It was worth the “buy & try” at this price point. The wine is a brownish red Crimson in color with a big oak nose – some slight clove/leather smell and definite vanilla undertones. As the wine opened up, a hint of smokey earthiness came through. The taste was of plum and dark berries with a good bit of acidity that balances very well with the fruit. A little smoke on the tongue that fades into the earthiness. The tannins are there but moderate length in finish. Overall, this wasn’t a bad Cabernet – especially at it’s given price point, but I’m not sure I would buy again. Probably just a matter of my personal taste in Cabernets, but I would recommend anyone who likes California Cabs, to look for it in your local Grocery Outlet and give it try. At $4.99 it’s quite drinkable so you can’t go wrong – I’m giving it a “TWO BOTTLE” rating.