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Chocolate Shop
Chocolate Red Wine

I don’t usually review wines that are not from California, as that is the premise of my blog, but this special “Sweetie” – had to be talked about!

I was privileged a few weeks ago to receive a sample of the Chocolate Red Wine for a virtual tasting night via Twitter with many other bloggers and chocolate wine lovers. Chocolate Shop and Thirsty Girl sponsored the tasting. Prior to this wine, I had never tried a chocolate infused/flavored wine before. Quite frankly, I had rather turned my nose up to the idea. I really couldn’t comprehend chocolate flavored wine tasting good. I think fondly of pairing chocolates with red wines – but the two of them in a bottle together…skeptical.

After trying this wine, I can tell you it is so worth finding locally or buying via online! It’s such a wonderful and unique experience….it’s not just a dessert style wine either. There were ideas of food pairings flying around via Twitter that evening that would knock your socks off! Seared duck breast and cheese popovers are just a few examples. I paired my tasting with homemade goat cheese truffles coated in cocoa powder. The wine paired amazingly and made the tasting experience, decadent!

Chocolate Shop wines are a bit different than some of the chocolate wines you see on the liquor store shelves. (you know the ones – they look like Yoo-Hoo in a wine bottle!) Chocolate Shop starts with premium vinifera red wine – made especially for this wine blending. Then it’s “infused” with a natural dark chocolate extract or essence, if you will. Flavoring the wine this way allows both the wine and the chocolate to have harmony and balance… not compete with each other. It accomplishes pairing a great piece of chocolate with each sip of wine!

I tasted the wine at room temperature and also slightly chilled – both were excellent; really just a preference as chilling toned some of the sweetness down. The wine is a beautiful deep ruby color. The aroma was undoubtedly cordial cherries. In tasting it; black cherry and dark chocolate were up front with a dusting of cocoa. The finish is sweet, but lingers with a red wine hint at the end.

Overall, this is a remarkable chocolate wine. I score it FIVE BOTTLES! (Thats right, you read it, FIVE – the 1st five bottle rating I have given thus far.) It’s a very special find and that’s really why I score it so fondly and encourage everyone to give this one a try…even if you are a skeptic!
Chocolate + Red Wine = Chocolate Shop = BLISS!


(sample received from Chocolate Shop for review purposes)