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Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel
Lodi, CA 2008

bra·zin – Adjective: Bold and without shame.

It is clear how this beautiful wine got its name. It is bold. It is shameless. Having impeccable structure and confidence with a in your face attitude. This is Lodi Zinfandel in it’s proudest moment. Old Vine grapes meet new wine technology – outcome is Brazin.

I first tasted this wine at the Delicato Winery in Manteca, CA. Delicato is the producer of Brazin Zinfandel and many other wines that I’m sure you’ve heard of before. This Zinfandel spoke to me when I tasted it on my flight of wines. It stood tall above the rest and I was amazed because in pricing, it was not on the upper end of their Zins. Proving once more that price does not always dictate a exceptional wine or value. It was a definite find and required getting a bottle for home.

This Zin is tall and bold. When you open it – there’s not even a need to decant, it jumps into your glass. Then you taste it – you feel like it has no boundaries – one minute you have zesty, spicy cherries on your nose – big jammy fruit on your tongue and then BAM! You’re hit with oak and vanilla with a peppery finish that lingers in your throat in the best of ways. (If you love peppery Zins, then you’ll love this one!) A full, chunky body with a long finish. Even with 15% alcohol, Brazin knows how to get along with others, while remaining in charge. Pairing this bad boy with “Everything” pizza was simple and no challenge for this wine – pairing it with peanut butter for dessert should have proven more difficult, but Brazin held up shamelessly to the peanut butter and made the pairing effortless and fabulous! (Yep, peanut butter & zinfandel-yum!)

This wine is wonderful and priced around $15.00 or less, depending on where purchased. I found my bottle at Costco for $11.99. It’s definitely a FOUR BOTTLE rating and case worthy all day long if you are a Zin lover like me! It’s fast becoming a household favorite!

Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel – Zinfandel that is so bold, so intense, that it is dangerously good…dangerously Brazin.