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Paso Robles
Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

March 15th was the first annual Central Coast Wine Day. It reminded me that I was well overdue in indulging and reviewing a wine out of the Central Coast area. There are many wonderful wine growing areas in the Central Coast region of California, but one that stands out a bit as my favorite…
Paso Robles.

Coastline Wines is the newest label being produced by Adler Fels Winery in Sonoma, CA. They have several other famous labels. They’ve been making wines since 1979. They knew from the very beginning that their talent was in winemaking and not so much in the viticulture of growing the vines. They eventually set themselves apart by embracing the negociant method of winemaking. (Negociant is a French term referring to the wine merchants of Bordeaux who buy bulk wine from various chateaus, then blend and bottle the finished wines under their own labels)

The Coastline Paso Robles Cabernet is a splendid example of “negociant” done well! The juice is all from Paso Robles vines and blended by Adler Fels into a great wine! This Cab is 90% Cabernet Sauvignon; 9% Barbera & 1% mixed red varietals. It has a beautiful deep burgundy color. The nose is wonderful – cassis and currants with oaky, leather undertones. The taste was the same with the addition of dark berries. This cab really stood tall and was very smooth with a great, long finish; it’s right up there with the quality of many a Napa cabernet. What makes it better than a Napa cab is the price! I found my bottle for $5.99 at Total Wines. It’s easily found at other wine retailers and via online averaging $10 or less. This wine is truly unbelievable for what you get…with only one fault: it will not survive the second day. It’s like the story of Cinderella – its a dream come true while your drinking it at the ball, but when the clock strikes midnight, well…..let’s just say it ain’t pretty. I rarely dump wine, but this one turned rather foul the second day. (lucky for me it was only a glass worth that was left) But no worries!! It’s so grand the day you open it that you’ll want to drink it to the last drop! 🙂

I give this fabulous Paso Robles Cabernet a THREE BOTTLE rating. If it would have survived day two, it would be case worthy all day with four bottles. Coastline Paso Robles Cabernet is still a great wine; an exceptional value and a wonderful acknowledgment to Central Coast Wine Day. You have to check this one out!