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Bear Flag Wine
Dark Red Blend NV

There are a tremendous amount of people that buy wines based on their labels alone. We all know one or have met one or maybe you’re even one? There are studies and statistics that have proven this and winemakers know it and capitalize on it. I, being a wine geek, took some sort of ridiculous pride in the fact that I’ve never let a label influance my wine buying decisions – well, that was until of late. :)Along comes Bear Flag. A wine probably many of you have not heard of, I had not, but one look at the outlandish; tricked out art work that is a label – well, it will never let you forget it and I was hooked, I had to buy it and try it!

Bear Flag Wines are new and produced by Gallo. Bottled out of Modesto, CA in the Central Valley if California. They only have four wines, all blends. Each one with a distinct piece of artwork as the label. The Dark Red Blend is very unique. A proprietary blend of Petite Sirah, Alicante Bouschet, (a cross between Petit Bouschet and Grenache) Zinfandel, Petit Verdot, and Tempranillo. It has a big, dark fruit profile. The Zin gives it a little spice and it ends with very soft tannins with maybe just a hint of sweetness. While the blend is unusual it’s said that it’s very likely to be something close to the red blends that were being made in California during pre-prohibition. Either way, it’s a easy drinking table red to enjoy with a meal or to start a first time red wine drinker on. (low tannins and slight sweetness help with red newbies)

I’m giving this one a TWO BOTTLE rating. I will admit the artwork of a label is what drew me into purchasing this one. It is a great value for a everyday, drink it alone, drink it with any meal kind of red. There are many of you that may find yourself really taking to this one. The price of $6.99 is right and it makes it easy to give it a try!

For more info in the wines and the artist, check out the website at http://www.bearflagwine.com. (It’s as artful as the labels!)