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Ironstone Vineyards
Petite Sirah Lodi Appellation
Murphys, CA 2009

Petite Sirah (sometimes spelled Petite Syrah) is a commonly misunderstood varietal. Most of that confusion has been caused by the early immigrants that arrived in the state of California in 1878. They introduced SYRAH and used the phrase “Petite Syrah” to refer to the lower yields that the vines then were producing. The actual Petite Sirah (Durif) was later introduced in 1884. It really is an entirely different grape varietal and when you see it spelled “Sirah” on your wine label, you most likely have a good shot at getting the correct grape!

At Ironstone Vineyards there’s no doubt they bottle up the true blue Sirah. With over 5000 acres of vineyard in Lodi, CA and the Sierra Foothills, they produce many outstanding varietals – one being Petite Sirah.

Ironstone’s 2009 Petite Sirah is a lushes inky purple. Just as you would expect and hope for with a Sirah. When I poured this wine, the nose had really big berries coming forward. Specifically blueberry. A few more swirls and I got light hints of vanilla, before I knew it-I thought I was drinking a berry pie! The palate on this Petite Sirah was wonderful! Big jammy fruit with a bit of oak and vanilla. Full bodied with a moderate finish. Very light in tannins. This is classic of the varietal and definitely one that many, many red wine drinkers enjoy. Ironstone Petite Sirah averages around $10 per bottle. I happen to find my bottle on sale at my local grocer for $7.99 and knew that was a great buy!

I give this California Petite Sirah THREE BOTTLES. It’s everything a Petite Sirah should be; It has style, great taste, killer price and even the correct spelling of a grape! Ironstone Vineyards Petite Sirah – you gotta try it!