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How are you perceived by others when partaking in a wine tasting?

The fact that we can always view ourselves a particular way; yet have an outsider see us in a completely different light, is a scary thought to many of us if left to dwell on it. So most of us don’t!

Us “wine geeks” when doing a wine tasting probably don’t think much of what we look like or sound like when tasting. We’re too wrapped up in our thoughts, notes ,swirling and sipping.


This past Wednesday evening was #winechat via Twitter, of which I try to attend regularly. I’m currently visiting family in Colorado and asked my step-daughter to join me with a bottle of “Torrontes” for #winechat. As she is very new to wine, she wanted to be taught how to taste properly and make notes in order to share via Twitter. As I gave instruction and we went through our tasting, her 12 year old daughter was watching us and listening. It was only after we completed our tasting and notes that Alaina (12 year old grand daughter) presented us with “her notes” on observing our wine tasting.


The following is a copy of the observation notes of a wine tasting from a 12 year old perspective:
“They sit and smell for a VERY
long time. They are STILL
smelling. Finally they are
planning on actually tasting it.
Very complex directions. Tiny
sips are being taken. Kim has
just produced a cough as she
goes for more. They are now
talking about wine with
chicken…..Mmmmm chicken.”
How’s that for wondering what you really might look like when geeking out with a wine tasting!
🙂 (Gotta love a kids mind! – picture of Alaina below)


So next time you are swirling, sniffing and sipping – take a moment to think about what others might be observing in you……while you observe the wine….. then stop thinking about it and swirl some more!