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Kitchen Sink
Red Table Wine
California NV

Just as a great chef may take whatever he has in his cupboards to make a creative, yet grand meal – so can a winemaker. They can blend from their cellar’s selection of vineyard and varietal lots to make one extraordinary blend. At Adler Fels Winery they have accomplished just that and have appropriately named their latest “blend” line – Kitchen Sink.

The Kitchen Sink Red is comprised of 38% Zinfandel, 34% Merlot, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petite Sirah and 2% Mixed red varietals. A fabulous creation with premium fruits, all from sunny California appellations. The color on this one is beautiful – dark, inky red. Smelling of big dark berry fruit with raisin and cassis and a hint of oak. Fruit forward with great acidity and balanced tannins. Slight pepper in the middle, which I believe to be from the Zinfandel. The Petite Sirah stands tall in this wine and the Merlot and Cabernet seem to actually give the wine the complexity it needs with oak and vanilla in the background. What I find most impressive about this wine is how you can really get all of the components of the wine blend in each and every sip! Without a doubt, its a great wine creation.

I paired the Kitchen Sink Red with a ribeye steak and grilled vegetables for dinner. It held up very nicely due to the balance of acidity and tannin structure. As with many younger wines it needs a bit of “breathing” time. I gave it 30 mins in the glass and that is when the flavors really opened up.

Just when you might think it doesn’t sound as if anything could get any better with this Kitchen Sink Red…It does! $8.99 or less on average for this conception. I found mine at Total Wines for $6.99; really a incredible value for under $10, no matter how you put it. I had reviewed a Alder Fels wine a month or so ago (COASTLINE EQUALS “D’VINE” WINE http://wp.me/p25n4v-3x) and it was impressive enough that I wanted to experiment further with their many wines and I’m glad I did! This producer is really creating great wines at great value prices.

I’m giving this wine a FOUR BOTTLE rating. It’s delicious, versatile, good the second day and priced at awesome affordability…who wouldn’t want to have a case or two around for a “go to” red! You can find this wine at many retailers and via online. Everything but the Kitchen Sink?….no way! Include it too!