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Pinot Noir 2009

Once in awhile you stumble onto that gem of a gem that you have to tell everyone about. Wine that tastes like its $40 California Russian River Valley and is actually $7.99 from a wine producer/distributor in Parlier,CA. Crazy, right? Oh, contrare, this “wino” is definitely not crazy (at least not today anyway!)


Cloud Break is a brand name owned by O’Neil Vintners in Parlier, CA. O’Neill Vintners was founded in 2004 by Jeff O’Neill, former CEO of Golden State Vintners and third generation member of a California winemaking family with roots dating back to 1934. O’Neill Vintners has now grown to become the 8th largest US winery and has earned a reputation as one of the premier custom wine producers in California. All this AND a PN that everyone can afford and love!

The Cloud Break ’09 Pinot Noir screams DEAL and is truly wonderful to drink. I found my bottle at Total Wines and the clerk told me this was a up and coming brand – they had started selling a lot of it. Price was right so I gave it a shot. The nose on this one was a bit non-classic. Full of cassis and oak instead of the usual cherries and strawberries. Slight vanilla and raisin in background. Very aromatic. The color, of course, was beautiful crimson red. Then the taste…cherry and currents with oak and vanilla in background – beautiful balance of acidity and fruit. The tannins were very light, as they should be in a PN – long, fruit finish. Just a fabulous, smooth, delicate, flavorful Pinot Noir.

The Cloud Break Pinot Noir really has my attention and I feel like I could really get behind drinking it on a regular basis. I give it a FOUR BOTTLE rating as it’s one of the best Pinots I have tasted at this price point. If you are a Pinot Noir lover, then you will HAVE to make the effort to find this wine. Worth every penny and good to the last drop!