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Flip Flop
Chardonnay 2009

You ever go into the wine store and stare at all of the really “cheap” priced wines and wonder, can they really be any good? What is it that people like about these wines? They are sold everywhere and we see them in everyone’s home – is it only because they are cheap? You know we have all been there. We have all thought it. Trouble is, many of us wine geeks steer away from those wines assuming the worst when there are many of those wines that are quite good and sometimes an exceptional value. Flip Flop Wines is a sure example of the exceptional value.

I was actually in the wine store the other day when searching out a nice white for national Chard Day when after picking one out, I spotted an end cap on the way to the register. Flip Flop Wines. I immediately recalled my friend from Twitter, Dezel (@myvinespot) had just attended a Flip Flop Wines sponsored event in Livermore, California, tasting lots of Flip Flop Wines and having lots of great food. I stopped in my shoes (pun intended-ha!) and put down the Chardonnay that was in my hand and decided to grab the 2008 Flip Flop Chardonnay instead. At $5.99 with a Wine Spectator recommend and Dezel sharing the awesomeness of Flip Flop wines – I didn’t even think about it – Buy it!

Flip Flop Chardonnay is simply the BEST Chardonnay value I have come across in a long time. It is inexpensive; beautifully tasteful and let’s face it – marketed to be casual and fun! What else do we think of when we hear flip flops? Like today’s fashionable women’s flip flop shoes, Flip Flop Chardonnay has taken a casual approach to Chardonnay and “gussied” it up with so called bling to make a white wine not only fun to drink but also classy enough to show off to friends and family.

The wine drinks very even keeled for a “oaked” Chardonnay. It holds the classic light yellow straw color with a nose of peaches, pears and a hint of citrus. It also has floral notes of lavender in the background. Very nose worthy upon swirling at a warmer temperature. Tasting this white was also palate worthy. Forward with fruit of peaches, apple and pear. The citrus flavor contributed to the acidity, which is very minimal in this Chardonnay style. The wine is medium to full bodied with moderate notes of butter and vanilla in background. This is obviously contributed by the oak, although not a “oaky” taste. A really well rounded, fruity Chardonnay. I’m very glad I tried it and I now look forward to more sampling of the Flip Flop line of wines.

The 2008 Flip Flop Chardonnay gets a FOUR BOTTLE rating from me. This wine is case worthy and then some for the price. A great everyday, go to Chardonnay. Share it with friends, sitting on the patio or by the pool, listening to some “sole” music, kickn’ back with your Flip Flop on!