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Road i Red
NV Mendocino County Table Red

Earlier this year, I was asked to partake in a event known as The Consumer Wine Awards in Lodi, CA. I was one of hundreds of consumers picked to blindly, rate and judge wines from across the globe. As one of the perks for judging; the consumer panel members were invited to an “after party” where all of the wines that were tasted, were available by the glass with food and music. A great event and wonderful experience that brought attention to many great tasting, value wines. One of which was Road i Red.








The Road i Red bottle did not last even thirty minutes amongst a hundred or more reds – case and point – it was that good! As tasters flocked around tables looking for their favorites, many red wine drinkers were hanging around talking about this particular red blend and how good it was. I had blind tasted whites and bubbles all day, so I had no clue how some of the reds had played out. There was literally one small glass left in the Road i Red bottle when I approached the table and listened to the feedback – needless to say, I took every last drop. Was it all that and a bag of chips? YES. I like red blends and this was a awesome everyday table red. It really did stand out among many red wines, several very reputable names. I put it on my “must buy and try at home” list. A few weeks ago, I did just that and the Road i Red is and was everything I remembered it to be!

Road i Red is produced by Weibel Family Vineyards & Winery – located in Mendocino Valley. Through three generations, the Weibel family has been producing California sparkling wines and fine wines, for eight plus decades. The Weibel Family Vineyards & Winery also provides private, control, and custom labels under other brands such as “Road i”. I found my bottle at Total Wines…it’s also sold in many wine stores across the country and via their website at http://www.weibel.com.

The bottle nor website indicate the exact varietal blend of grapes in this table red…only that it’s an ever changing blend of grapes year to year. It does have the classic deep, dark red – almost purple like color you find in a Syrah. The nose has dark berries; vanilla and oak with hints of raisin and cassis as does the taste. It’s a big fruit red with mellow tannins and light acidity. The wine is tight right out the bottle – so it does require a little “breathing” time – but once it has a breath of fresh air; it’s a fabulous drinking red!

I feel a FOUR BOTTLE rating is definately warranted here. For just under $10 per bottle with a Wine Enthusiast’s “Top Ten Wines Under $10” listing and a Consumer Wine Award – this Road i Red wine is case worthy and should be around for weekday drinking for those who love a great table red, anytime.

The following is a quote directly from the Weibel Family Vineyards & Winery website that sums up this great value bottle of CA red:
“There is an old vineyard that runs along the dirt Road ‘i’ on our ranch. Been there forever, it seems. That “Road i” vineyard grows grapes that hang in big, luscious bunches, ripening in the warm Californian sun. The vineyard is so old nobody remembers what grapes were planted there – but nobody forgets the wine made from it!”
Well said……