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This special blog post is a tribute and “Thank You” to the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship and their assistance in helping me make the Wine Bloggers Conference event this year and to the Wine Bloggers Conference themselves for putting on such a wonderful and needed event in the wine industry.

This will be my first year of attending the Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland, OR and I was generously awarded a “bloggership” from the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship Committee in order to attend. As a new wine blogger, I am thrilled with such an opportunity. To be part of such a learning experience is quite overwhelming. My motivation for pursuing a successful wine blogging career stems from what should be my obvious passion for wine. It is furthered by an enjoyment of sharing and interacting with others. I have such a passion for wine – it was only befitting to me to write about my thoughts on wine and share them with the many others that share my same passion and to help anyone new learning about wine.

While passion for wine is all good and knowledge of wine specifics is even better – there is much to be learned everyday in the world of wine, wine blogging and the business that it is. Learning how to be a better blogger with additional wine knowledge is what I hope to gain out of attending the Wine Bloggers Conference for 2012 this year. There are so many social media friends that I have made that will be an integral part of WBC12 for me – but the first and foremost reason is to learn. Soaking up every workshop I can – picking the brains of my peers and mentors that have been wine blogging much longer than I – this is why I am so fortunate to have the opportunity. Knowledge is power and it’s all about obtaining the knowledge and making something happen with it.

I intend to make that something happen.

Thank You Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship and all of your sponsors and the donors. If it weren’t for you………well, it was, so a humble Thank You.

Please check out these links for further info on the WBC12: