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Oak Grove Sauvignon Blanc
Reserve 2011

There are many examples of great tasting California Sauvignon Blancs. For me they are all over the board in flavors and tastes. When you find one you like, you typically stick with it. Most of the California Sauv Blancs that I have experienced are light and fruit driven. This is not a bad flavor profile, but truthfully, I enjoy a crisp, “grassy”, citrus style of Sauv Blanc and do not find this flavor profile too often in California. (more often New Zealand & Loire Valley Sauvignon Blancs). Recently I experienced an incredibly balanced fruit to grass ratio with a California Sauv Blanc – Oak Grove 2011 Reserve.

Oak Grove Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is one heck of a bargain. It’s 100% California grown. Oak Grove’s winemaking staff has always searched out the finest grapes from California’s cool appellations. They make primarily a line of California Reserve wines, produced in a rich, fruit forward style.

The 2011 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is fruit forward, but with some “California Restraint”. The Sauv Blanc has the classic pale, straw yellow color. The nose gives up apricots and pears with some soft honey and floral notes. Given a moderate chill, the taste hits you with pears and a white peach that quickly harmonizes with citrus and endive; giving the medium bodied wine a wonderful acidity; beautiful fruit and a slight grassy note.

The Oak Grove Sauvignon Blanc gets a THREE BOTTLE rating. It’s fruity, classy and a little grassy – everything you want out of a crisp Sauv Blanc from California and with a average price point of $7.99 a bottle, it really can’t be beat in this price category! Beat the summer heat with a glass of Oak Grove 2011 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. You can’t go wrong!