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J. Lohr Bay Mist Estates
2010 Monterey County White Riesling

Does there have to be a reason to open a bottle of wine?
Many people think so…..I say no way. Live in the here and now…..yes, some
wine is meant to age and be left alone and yes, we all save that certain bottle
for that “special” occasion…..but the truth of it is…..if you feel like
having that great Riesling for no other reason than because you can….then
drink on my friend!

I’m not able to keep a wine cellar chock full of “goodies” as some wine lovers are…..but I always have a few bottles on hand. I buy what I know I like to drink as “weeknight wine”‘, by the case, usually because it’s a value to do so. I have my handful of “special” wines put up for those occassions and then for the most part….when I get the craving for something particular or need something to specifically pair with a meal, I run out and buy it. You see, just because I live in beautiful California wine country and blog about wine….it does not mean that I don’t look up a few reviews on a particular brand or flavor and run to my local wine store like the rest of America!

Recently I got such the craving and desired trying a Riesling. Now mind you, I’m not a huge fan of “sweet wines” for everyday sipping. There are wonderful ones out there and they serve their purpose and place with certain foods and occasions….but as a rule my taste steers toward dry and fruit forward wines. The Riesling grape is so very popular among many wine drinkers that I have wanted to get more aquatinted with it. I have been trying to find a California Riesling that was more on the “off dry”side…..it’s been a tough search…..until now.

J. Lohr Bay Mist Estates Monterey County White Riesling is simply put, a FANTASTIC representation of an “off dry” Riesling. The J. Lohr name speaks for itself as they are well known for quality wines. The Riesling grapes are harvested from their Monterey County vineyards in the Arroyo Seco AVA. This Riesling is made up of 92% White Riesling, 6% Gewürztraminer and 2% Orange Muscat. All steel fermentation. Visually this wine is a light, pale yellow with slight effervescent. As I try more Rieslings and have chatted with winemakers of the Riesling grape, I find this “effervescent” phenomenon rather routine for this type of wine. It’s a great accent to the body of Riesling. The nose on the J. Lohr Bay Mist brings forward grapefruit and kiwi with slight honey notes as you swirl in the glass. The palate heightens the crispness of the wine with its lemony citrus notes and lots of grapefruit; pear and more kiwi. The Riesling has a medium body with moderate sweetness. Awesome fruit flavors and balanced acidity. I paired it
that evening with a spicy taco salad. It was fabulous! (Rieslings always pair
well with spicy foods) The wine averages $10 to $12 a bottle and can be found at
most wine retailers or at http://www.jlohr.com.

I’m going to give this wine a a THREE BOTTLE rating. I would definitely buy this
wine again when I’m in the mood for California Riesling. It’s wonderful, complex
and fits the bill to be a great Riesling to drink for just no reason!
Remember….open that wine and drink it…..If you don’t….who will!