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Robert Mondavi Zinfandel
Private Selection 2010

Yes, I live in Zin. It’s no secret I’m a Zin lover. It does not matter the day of week, the time of year; the place I am….if there’s a Zin to be tasted, I’m “Zin”! (LoL). One of many great qualities about Zinfandel is the variety of taste you can find with this wonderful grape. From sweet; to in your face bold; to peppery….it has multi-directional potential.

When I arrived home in California a week ago from what was a longer than anticipated getaway back home to Kansas for my daughters wedding….I was excited to see what wines had arrived for me in my absence. When I sorted through the many, the first one I grabbed was the one and only Zinfandel. Robert Mondavi Zinfandel to be exact. This one is part of their Private Selection Series and they are known for having a great QPR. (Quality/Price Ratio)

It’s also no secret that I am a big fan of the Mondavi Family; their legend and their wines. They sometimes get a bad rap from many in the wine industry as being mass produced, poor quality. But Robert Mondavi has many lines of their wine…and most of them are pretty darn good for the money and some of them are darn right exceptional. Taste is subjective. Never turn your nose up to a Mondavi wine – always try it first. 🙂

The 2010 Private Selection Zinfandel is a deep cherry red. Almost Mahogany, if you will. Very beautiful to swirl in your glass. The Zin smells of cherries and dark berries with plums. You get a wood and oaky nose in the background with hints of vanilla and black pepper. Upon sipping, the woody, oaky flavors with some vanilla are actually in the forefront with the fruit lingering on the finish. The wine has a nice amount of acidity balanced well with a long, peppery finish. I did use a aerator when pouring this Zin and the more it opened up – the better it got. (as is a usual rule with most young wines) This Zin averages a cost of $11.00 and is easily found across the states at most wine retailers and grocery chains.

I liked the Robert Mondavi Private Selection Zinfandel very much. I give it a THREE BOTTLE rating and I would definitely try it again when looking for that quick, inexpensive bottle at my grocery mart on my way home from work to have with Friday Night Pizza. Give this one a try next time you feel like being a little naughty and Living in Zin!


** Sample Courtesy of Folsom & Associates **