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Black Box Wines
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon – California

Let me just put it out there…..this is not the “boxed wine” you remember from the eighties and nineties. Boxed wine has come a long way and Black Box Wines is pioneering the movement!

In 2003, Black Box Wines redefined “boxed wine” by becoming the first U.S. vintner to offer super-premium, appellation-specific, vintage-dated wines in a box. No longer should we think cheap bulk wine when we think of boxed wine. The same premium grapes and quality produced wine that would go into a bottle is in their box….pricing it cheaper by saving the bottles; corks and bottle processing. Not to mention Eco-Friendly & completely recyclable to boot.

Black Box wines come from a variety of California appellations. The Cabernet Sauvignon is grown within reach of the cooling Pacific Ocean breezes. Many top of the line Cabernets are grown in the area. In the glass this wine is a beautiful red. Dark yet colorful like a garden rose with hues of deep red in the sunlight. The nose has big dark berries with plum and cassis. Uniquely an aroma of cinnamon with vanilla and a hint of oak at the end. The palate on this Cabernet is remarkably sumptuous. As in the nose; dark berries and a little woody taste. Plums, currants and a bit of cherry. The acidity and tannins are very balanced with the fruit and oak. Probably my favorite thing about this Cabernet is the long, velvety finish with sweet hints of vanilla at the end. Very satisfying and making you want for more!

I was originally leery and excited at the same time to try the Black Box Cabernet. Being a wine drinker of the eighties and nineties brought my leeriness to play, having had the once “bad boxed wines” of past….my excitement grew as I learned more about Black Box wines and new techniques of boxing as well as seeing all of the awards they have won and seeing that Wine Enthusiast listed the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon as a coveted Best Buy. I agree whole heartedly with Wine Enthusiast and I award this “wine in a box” FOUR BOTTLES. (bottles for box? LoL!) The 2010 Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon is really off the charts for QPR and a wonderful go to red to have anywhere, any night of the week. By yourself (glass for one works great with boxed wine) or sipping with a crowd. This really is an exceptional, approachable Cab and I’m not only impressed with it but so very glad I tried it.

Check out all of the varietals that Black Box Wines produces and where you can buy them in your local area via their website: http://www.blackboxwines.com/the_story.html. They are fast becoming a favorite and many, many retailers are carrying them; especially the Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines are sold in 500ML for $5.00 to $6.00 each or 3L boxes at around $20.00. (3L holds equivalent of (4)750ML bottles) Make a real effort to find and try the Black Box Wines. The Cabernet is off the hook for the price, you simply can’t go wrong! Don’t get boxed in with old school thinking…times have changed and wine in a box from California is making a big hit – a hit for great taste and not your pocketbook!


** Sample received courtesy of Black Box Wines **