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Written by Matthew Delaney..Although this article’s purpose was to give you insight into the world of wine racks available online, I first wanted to start off by talking about the author behind this blog, D’Vine Wine Time, herself. I don’t know how many of you have actually met her (I have) and I thought you might enjoy getting to know a little bit about the person you’ve all learned to love through her writing. I met D’Vine Wine Time at the Wine Bloggers Conference 2012 in Portland and immediately noticed her natural skills of description. I witnessed her light up the faces of mobs of wine bloggers and wine makers as she perfectly described wines by depicting them as popular foods. “This wine tastes like thanksgiving!”, was among my favorites. I remember wine makers often responding, “thank you- that’s exactly what we were going for!” The joy she finds in food and wine is beyond obvious.

So to you, Mrs. D’Vine Wine Time, I am grateful for an opportunity to write for you. It was a pleasure getting to know you. I’ve created a special coupon on WhichWineCooler.Com that’s good for 5% off everything for your readers plus free shipping through the end of 2012. Just type in “DVINEWINETIME” at checkout.

Alright, on to the wine racks. Buying wine racks online is interesting, and I mean that in a good way. Shopping around town can be time consuming and burn up a lot of gas; plus, you are never sure to find what you are looking for. Before I started researching wine rack shops online I really imagined a giant warehouse with thousands of boxes stacked up sitting there for months on end collecting dust like an Ikea. It wasn’t necessarily depressing, but it also wasn’t special.

A wine collection and the way it’s stored can say a lot about a person. This is true whether you buy one bottle at a time when you need it, have a couple bottles in the cupboard, or have a cellar with a thousand precisely chosen wines. Wine racks come in so many shapes and sizes that it’s virtually impossible not to find what you want online (stores in your town won’t be so easy).

Browsing wine racks online might blow your mind at first. I couldn’t believe how many options there were! “These people must have warehouses the size of Kentucky!”, was my first thought. Thankfully, it’s not true. The reason you can get virtually anything you want is that they’re almost all made to order. I love that first email I send someone who has purchased a wine rack when I get to explain that their rack is being hand crafted by skilled tradesmen in the United States from scratch just for them. Does it get more special than that? I don’t think so.

Quality does require patience though. Luckily most wine lovers understand that quality takes time. We are used to waiting years for good wine to develop. One wine rack can take about two weeks to make and if you need something really big it can take up to two months. Once the skilled craftsman have finished making your rack, it will be broken down for delivery and you’ll put it back together at home. Make sure to go after the racks that will last. The best ones are never built with glue, screws, or nails; they are meticulously designed to hold themselves up without adhesives which would degrade over time. Also be careful what wood you choose. While pine is an inexpensive option, it isn’t resilient to mold or rotting. Premium redwood is the material of choice for the best wine racks. It’s sturdy and it’s highly mold resistant.

Thank you for letting D’Vine Wine Time and me into your day. Make sure you really look around to find the right wine rack to fit your style, personality, and wine storage needs. Take all the time you need.


Matthew Delaney – The Wine’d Up

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