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Many people find themselves in downtown Napa, CA when they visit Napa Valley Wine Country. One of the “hot spots” is the Oxbow Public Market near the river. The Oxbow Market is booming with restaurants, eateries, specialty markets and wine tasting rooms, one of which is “Taste at Oxbow”; showcasing Waterstone Winery.

The owners and winemakers of Waterstone Winery, Philip Zorn and Brent Shortridge prefer to focus on the wine itself rather than the accumulation of land and facilities therefore they own no vineyards, nor do they own the facility where their wines are made. They are simply dedicated to winemaking, strong relationships with top growers and long-term grape contracts which they believe to be the keys to Waterstone’s quality and success. I think they are on to something!

The Waterstone Merlot 2009 is an amazing California Merlot. It has such beauty and elegance that you forget it’s a under $20 wine and you feel like you’ve been taken to a place of riches and wealth, via your taste buds. Beautiful, classic red in your glass with exceptional clarity. Smells of currants and plums with big “woofs” of vanilla each time you swirl. When you sip this Waterstone Merlot, you’ll find the fruit is smooth and delicate. Not overdone; not under emphasized. The fruit/acidity ratio is balanced exquisitely. Vanilla coats your tongue and you feel a velvety texture in your mouth. Long, long finish with hints of wood and the fruit continuing to give up that luxurious feel, right to the very end!

I have to give this wine a FIVE BOTTLE score. Once I tasted it…I literally went to a private room in the house, put on some music and melted away! No one was getting in the way of this girls glass and FIVE BOTTLE rated Merlot! Amazing wine for $18.00. Taste at Oxbow sells the Waterstone Wines if you are visiting Napa or Waterstone Winery has a great website to view ALL of their wines, including this Waterstone Merlot 2009 and a handy order form to fill out and fax/mail in for direct ordering. www.waterstonewines.com

2009 Waterstone Merlot. An elegant wine at an everyday price. Who can say no to a value like this? It’s what D’ Vine Wine Time is all about….exceptional California wines at everyday value…you don’t have to settle for anything less!


**  Sample courtesy of Folsom & Associates  **