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It’s Friday, September 21st…it’s also #GrenacheDay 2012 and the end to a long, long week. What does the doctor order? A tall bottle of red; (Well, in this case, two of them!) one glass and endless possibilities of enjoyment! Celebrating #GrenacheDay 2012 was done up in style with Hahn Family Wines Central Coast GSM and Monterey GSM.

For those of you unfamiliar with GSM…(don’t worry I was too until I lived in California) it is a blend of Grenache; Syrah and Mourverde. All three rhone varietals, most often found in France…but also now frequently found in the central coast areas of California. Hahn Family Wines are part of a growing number of wineries in the rhone varietal business, if you will, and have quite the reputation to go with it. They produce many wines and are the parent company to many wine names, some of which you may be familiar with. The wines are phenomenal and keep you coming back for more!

First off, on #GrenacheDay ’12, was the Central Coast GSM 2010. This wine is remarkable for the money! It is a beautiful deep reddish purple – very much like a Syrah, only slightly lighter. The nose smells of oak, dark berries and slight bell pepper. (trust me, this is a good smell!) The taste was woody and almost smokey upfront with bursts of dark berry fruit and “cranberry pops” bouncing off your cheeks. The acidity very good and tannins are full and lush with a great long finish. Notes of cherry and the wood linger on your tongue at end. Like I said, remarkable for as little as $14.00 per bottle!

Next up was the Monterey GSM 2010. This wine filled your nose with aromas of mixed dark berries and vanilla. Almost like smelling a berry pie, without the crust! The taste was similar with blackberries and blueberries at the forefront. Moderate acidity and big flavors of fruit…yet the fruit doesn’t overpower. Very balanced. Christmas spices mid-palate and velvety tannins to finish. Exquisite and luxurious. Simply amazing wine! The cost on this one a bit more….$32.00 per bottle, but so worth it for that occasional splurge!

Now, I won’t pick a favorite among these two wines, quite simply because they are both fabulous in their own right! What I will note for you though, as a California value wine drinker ~ the Hahn Wines Central Coast GSM in a blind taste test, holds its’ own at $14 standing up to a $32 bottle of Monterey GSM. It cannot be detected that it is anything less than the $32 value. Therefore, once again, proving that you don’t always have to spend the bigger money to get the better wine. It more often has nothing to do with quality of wine as much as the cost involved to produce it.

Both Hahn Family Wines GSM’s get a full FIVE BOTTLE rating. It’s been a grand week for finding the hidden treasures of California wine making. Hahn Family Wines is a treasure grove and a place you must definitely visit when in Soledad, California. And if you cannot make it westward….then by all means get online and order a case of these GSM’s at www.hahnestates.com. Hahn Family Wines, an Rx that will have you feeling better in no time…doctors orders!



**  Samples received courtesy of Hahn Family Wines  **