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It’s October 1st and most of you across the US are feeling the effects of fall in some fashion or another. Leaves turning, temps cooling, fall harvest at your local mart and red wines filling glasses with dinner by a warm fire. If you’re in California (excluding the normal cool climate areas) you’re feeling the effects of a long, long, LONG hot summer, still, as of today. Wearing shorts and tanks, watering and doing yard work, AC blowing in the house, grilling dinner when you can and chilled white wines at the ready!

The Robert Mondavi Private Selection Riesling is a great way to “cool off” in a hot October! This riesling really surprised me when I tried it. Again, not the usual trend to find an off-dry riesling out of California, but this one is off-dry and very, very tasty. A great QPR of only $10.

The Robert Mondavi PS Riesling gleams of light gold, creamy yellow in your glass. Similar to a chardonnay, but not quite as golden. You get those classic, wonderful aromas of honeysuckle and lavender when you swirl and sniff. The riesling is creamy in texture, giving it a full mouthfeel. Light citrus notes of lemon and lime giving it the acidity pucker, but not very much…more fruit driven with pineapples, kiwi and pear. It is smooth to the end of your sip; wetting your taste buds and leaving you wanting for more.

I am now a fan of this wine. Going into it, I was skeptical, I had not seen many reviews on it….nowhere did I find tasting notes on it, except from Mondavi themselves….so I was very “blind”, if you will, with expectations. Glad I tried it! I’m giving this riesling a THREE BOTTLE Rating. This refreshing “Summer in a Bottle” is one serious value. Remember it when things warm up again next spring/summer where you may live. If you’re like me, suffering the dog days of summer (dogs; cats; pigs; goats etc…) and this heat goes on and on….grab this “Summer in a Bottle” and sit in front of a fan, in the cool shade of your patio….I hear there might be such a thing as a “self-igniting” pumpkins for Halloween!



** Sample received courtesy of Folsom & Associates **