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“Move over Pumpkin Pie”

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it’s that time of year when we think of holiday meals, holiday parties and holiday treats. Many of you will be thinking of what wine to pair with the turkey that is “extra special” for friends and family. This year, don’t fuss over what pairs with the meal…anything goes…do something “extra special” and make dessert about the wine!

Dessert wines are often overlooked and missed out on. I can’t say you should have one every Tuesday night (although there’s nothing wrong with it if you do!) but special occasions are the perfect time to pull out a late harvest wine at the end of a fantastic meal and relish in its glory. One such beautiful example from California: 2008 Hagafen Cellars Sonoma Coast Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc.

This golden beauty is one special occasion in a bottle! I was “gifted” this wine by Hagafen Cellars in order to sample and share my thoughts with you. I say “gifted” because a special wine like this is not only to be respected but to be appreciated and be thankful for…it is not just any random wine sample. I knew when I read up on the uniqeness of this Late Harvest wine that it had to be paired with something almost as special as the wine. Homemade Apple Pie. Simple, classic, fall bounty that shares warmth and is inviting. Paired up with nectar of the Gods and you have one heck of a dessert! (Hey Mr. Turkey, a new sheriff is in town!) The most fantastic food/wine pairing I’ve ever had.

The Hagafen Cellars Sonoma Coast Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the cool Sonoma Coast. Not always are conditions conducive to making this award winning wine; therefore it is rarely produced. The 2008 vintage is Hagafen’s Thirteenth Anniversary production of this gem and it has scored out 92 points. It’s available direct from the winery at www.hagafen.com.

The wine is a deep gold with a “thick”, beautiful richness in the glass. With a little earthiness up front on the nose, a few swirls quickly yields to honey, lilac, orange blossoms and sweet honeysuckle. The taste is apple and honey upfront with a slight bit of acidity. Very slight. A very full mouthfeel and sweet creaminess of honeysuckle and guava neater. There is no doubt that this wine earns a full FIVE BOTTLE Rating from me. Priced at $30 per bottle; its not a everyday wine, but the truth is, we all look for a special wine now and then to splurge on and with the holidays in front of us, this is well worth the splurge and effort.

Plan now for your beautiful dessert November 22nd and order this wine. It’s amazing to pair with, but truthfully, it’s all the dessert your Thanksgiving table needs and your friends and family will be asking for the recipe! Move over pumpkin pie….new traditions are happening, 2008 Hagafen Cellars Sonoma Coast Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc…it’s what’s for dessert!



** Sample received courtesy of Hagafen Cellars Napa, CA **