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“HERE YOU COME AGAIN” – The Dolly Parton of Grapes…Grenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc has mostly been found in the Rhone wine blends of France and in northeast Spain. This “Forgotten Grape” made its first appearance in California in 1992…primarily grown on the Central Coast. Although sometimes “forgotten” among white wine choices…this grape, on its own, provides a straight forward approach with character and mystique that no other varietal can. It has become one of my all-time favorite whites and I think it will be yours too!

Another one of my favorites is a winery that is producing Grenache Blanc and other Rhone Style wines, with quite a favorable reputation…Tercero Wines. Owner/Winemaker Larry Schaffer has a passion; talent and vision for Rhone Style wine in California that is unmatched. His recent release of Tercero Grenache Blanc 2010 is an “Island in the Stream”…standing tall and proud in your glass. The wine is the classic color of Grenache Blanc… very light yellow, nearly clear. It has a very “feminine” nose to it (pretty). Stone fruits; beautiful citrus and floral notes. If you close your eyes while sniffing and swirling you can literally envision the colors of peach, yellow, grassy green, lilac, lavender and honeysuckle. Much like that of “A Coat of Many Colors”. The palate is truly amazing. A real WOW factor. Linear with stone fruit that is framed by lemony citrus, plenty of rock, minerals, and bright acidity. It’s the essence of cool and refreshing with a long and crisp finish. I simply adore this wine. Tercero Grenache Blanc 2010 earns a FIVE BOTTLE Rating from this California Rhone Lover!

Tercero’s Grenache Blanc is special in every sense of the word, yet affordable to have as an everyday wine at home. Forgotten Grapes at www.forgottengrapes.com, offers this wine for $20 a bottle. Right now through November 13th…D’ Vine Wine Time readers will receive free shipping on six or more bottles by using the code DvineCKFG upon checkout.  Tercero’s Grenache Blanc is a must try…especially if you’ve never had the good fortune to try Grenache Blanc or you’ve simply “forgotten” all about the grape…it’s time to get your Rhone on! Order via online now, get your free shipping and when you come home from working “9 to 5”, on a really warm day and all you want to do is kick your shoes off and pour a glass of perfection….you’ll be glad you have Tercero Grenache Blanc 2010 on hand!

No longer will we accept Grenache Blanc as the “Forgotten Grape of the Fortnight”….Grenache Blanc….”I Will Always Love You”.


** Sample received courtesy of Chris Kern at Forgotten Grapes **