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California Dreamn’

$61.00 per bottle – http://www.jeffgordonwine.com/index.cfm

Fast cars, fast speeds, travel and trophies. You might think that would be enough to exhilarate anyone…but not for Jeff Gordon. He may have achieved fame and fortune through his career as race car driver…but in his newer role of winery owner and lover of the juice…he’s found a new exhilaration and passion that is paying off for the consumer in big ways! Meet Jeff Gordon Napa Valley Joie de vivre 2008. A luxury wine in the fast lane!

Joie de vivre 2008 is one of the finest Napa Valley reds that I have had in a very long time. It screams Napa Valley, through and through. I was included in a Twitter tasting last month with many other wine bloggers….all of us tasting the Joie de vivre 2008 for the first time. We all agreed it was the purest essence of Napa Valley red in a glass. Beautifully constructed red blend. If you are a fan of Napa Valley wines and specifically reds, then this is a wine for you.

The Joie de vivre 2008 is a deep purple red with crimson edges showing its age…strikingly beautiful in the glass. The aroma has a depth of raspberry and casis with outward hints of cranberry. Slight oak and vanilla sweetness towards the end. Your palate picks out blackberry and raspberry in a mild and velvety format. Currants around the edges…complex structure that has all of the varietals seamlessly melded into one. Long, long finish with hints of the vanilla and sweetness from the fruit to the end. The oak is not over done and the tannins have mellowed just enough to make this blend pure PERFECTION!

Joie de vivre 2008 is a definite FIVE BOTTLE Rating. If you love red blends; if you love Napa Valley reds…then trying this wine is a no brainier; you will love it! Taste tested approved; a worthy splurge. Jeff Gordon Napa Valley Joie de vivre 2008 ~ California Dreamn’ at its finest!


** Sample received courtesy of Jeff Gordon Wines **