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“Giving Thanks”

Reflection ~ noun ~ a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration….a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.

dvinewinetime friendship grapesJanuary 4, 2013 brings me to a point of such reflection. One year ago today, I started my wine blog and put out my “first” California wine review.

I have learned a lot this past year about blogging, writing and especially about wine. And I’ve enjoyed each and every step of the way. What I have enjoyed the most has been sharing it with all of you. The “fans”…the “followers”…the “subscribers”. Whatever the industry wants to call you….what you are to me are friends and fellow wine drinkers. You are all the most important part of what I do. Without someone to share a story with or teach what you know….it doesn’t work. It’s like talking to yourself. Not nearly as much fun!dvinewinetime friendship grapes 2

As I venture into my 2nd year of blogging, I hope to still see all of you here, reading, sharing and cheering me on. (as well as a few new friends!) A few goals I have this year will be to set up D’ Vine Wine Time as it’s own “.com” and to also successfully obtain my CSW credentials. These are purely goals for my own self growth and in the end, I will still keep doing what I love to do….find great California wineries that are producing fabulous wines for affordable prices and bringing their story and their wine to all of you everyday wine drinkers at home.

A most humble Thank You for an incredible first year.