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Sweet, succulent honey, dripping into your glass with aromas of apple blossoms and mangos. An effervescent tickles your nose as your lips touch The Nectar of the Gods. This my friends is Moscato.

Moscato wines are fast becoming one of the most popular wines with consumers today. In the past few years, sweeter wines have made their way back into the homes of the everyday wine drinker and no fruitier, tastier wine could represent the sweet catagory better than Moscato.

dvinewinetime Woodbridge Moscato 1While I am not a everyday sweet wine drinker, I have often taken to an occasional Moscato as a “dessert” drink after dinner. My latest favorite trend (especially in summer months) is using Moscato wine in making a cocktail. Truly a fun way to get creative with your wine/cocktail mojo. I recently tried the 2011 Woodbridge Moscato Western Cape. This wine is sweet and full of fruit. Not bad at all for the price point of $7.99 per bottle. Visually this wine brings you the typical straw yellow color, very light and clear. The nose, at least to me, is the best part! Fruit galore of peaches, mangos, kiwi, apples and a very slight note of vanilla. The taste is duplicate of the nose, with the sweet honey factor added in. The 2011 Woodbridge Moscato is not a “sticky” sweet wine…just imagine a bowl of above described fruits marinated in honey. Nature does most of the work when it comes to the sweetness!

The Moscato cocktail I created was very refreshing and worked so perfectly with the 2011 Woodbridge Western Cape Moscato. Not every Moscato is the dvinewinetime Woodbridge Moscato 3same…different fruit notes and levels of sweetness, therefore its best to buy a Moscato and taste it first….then create your cocktail around the flavor notes you have with that wine. The Woodbridge Western Cape screamed mango, so mango it was. The following is my recipe using the 2011 Woodbridge Western Cape Moscato:

1 large sized pitcher
1 full bottle of 2011 Woodbridge Western Cape Moscato
1/2 cup of puréed (thawed from frozen) mango chunks
2 cups of carbonated lemon/lime soda (diet works fine too)
A few frozen mango chunks for glass garnish

dvinewinetime Woodbridge Moscato 2Blend and serve chilled with a frozen cube or two of mango…Delish!

If you are a Moscato lover then you must try the 2011 Woodbridge Moscato Western Cape. A great value from a well known California producer. I give it THREE BOTTLES and you need to give it a swirl at your next cocktail party! Mix it the Moscato Way!


** Sample Received Courtesy of Folsom & Associates **