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Remember that tall, dark and handsome rich guy that you always dreamed would ride up on his white stallion and sweep you off your feet? Well, maybe not all of you did, but I remember and wondered if he would ever show…? He does exist and he’s in the form of a sensuous, sexy glass of Steven Kent Winery 2009 Petit Verdot. (without the stallion, of course!) Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome never tasted so good!

dvinewinetime SKW 2009 Petit Verdot 2Petit Verdot is primarily found in France and tends to ripen later in the season so it can be hit or miss as to whether or not the fruit will actually make it to harvest. This is why it’s been regarded as “the blending grape” in many Bordeaux reds. It adds dark violet color, stouter tannins and imparts concentrated fruit flavor. New World growers, including California, have given Petit Verdot a second start. By growing Petit Verdot in warmer climates the odds of maturing the grape on the vine increases significantly and has resulted in Petit Verdot being utilized as a front and center grape – to be bottled as a single varietal.

Mark my words, you will be hard pressed to find a better representation of a bottled single varietal, than the outstanding 2009 Livermore Valley Petit Verdot by Steven Kent Winery. This wine is one of pure luxury. It carries such a powerful impact with delicate delivery. Sensual and sexy. Visually, the wine is a dark aubergine with ever so slight edges of raspberry when you swirl it in the glass. The nose pulls out all of the blackberries and black cherries, leaving a little room for the subtle vanilla, oak and hint of earthy tar. Tasting it is the piece de resistance! Juicy, jammy blackberries with glimpses of currant and sweet vanilla lingering on a velvety finish. This wine has one of the smoothest textures and is so well balanced with an ever so slight oaky edge. Petit Verdot is fruity and stout and it nearly begs to be paired with big meat.

dvinewinetime SKW 2009 Petit Verdot 1I simply cannot find enough grand words to describe this awesome wine! It’s a bit of a special occasion price at $50.00 per bottle….but worth every penny! I’m giving the 2009 Steven Kent Winery Petit Verdot a FIVE BOTTLE Rating. Buy it online, direct from the winery or ask for it at your local wine shop. They do distribute across the U.S. to many states.

Petit Verdot is a rare single varietal and missed out on too often. When you are looking for that special occasion wine, this one is uniquely California and one of a kind by the awesome folks at Steven Kent Winery in Livermore, CA. Buy a bottle, brag to your friends and call out to your inner self and recognize a dream long overdue….enjoy one of the best glasses of “Tall, Dark and Handsome” you may ever have!