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wings-silly-love-songsIt was 1976 and the hit single was “Silly Love Songs” and you played it over and over on your 45 RPM.  It was also the year of the “Judgment of Paris” and Napa Valley was on top of its wine game. People flocked for Napa Valley Cabernet, and year after year, they drove demand, quality and price upward, creating “number one hits” out of everyday consumption of these so thought “Best Wines of California”.  Just as many always thought the A Side of the 45 RPM was the only song worth listening to, wine drinkers often thought the same of high priced, recognized names of Napa Valley reds.  Although not astonishing, the B Side always had great musical tunes that we all came to fondly love and turn into A Side hits and it’s become no different with Napa Valley wines. The B Side is now making its way onto The A List!

The good folks at Don and Sons Wines have found a way to source the great quality grapes from the eastern side of Napa Valley, off the beat and track, that have all the quality and taste of the high dollar reds, without the high dollars! They call these wines, The B Side.  The initial vintages of the Cabernet got a lot of attention and some 90 point scoring, if you’re into that sort of thing. The Red Blend is quickly coming into the limelight and will probably be scoring just as highly as the Cabernet.  Don and Sons’ winemaker, Greg Kitchens, has a real talent in winemaking and this teamed up with Don and Sons’ ability to source quality grapes and keep it all at reasonable pricing is what sets their wines apart from many in the under $50 category. dvinewinetime 2010 B Side NV Red Blend

B SIDE 2010 RED WINE BLEND.  Visually this red blend is a classic dark berry…a real deep red beauty. The nose has aromatics of black cherries, plums and blackberries with just a hint of earthiness. The taste is of black currants, blueberries and blackberries with hints of black pepper.  It’s very full-bodied and lush with finely integrated tannins –  impeccable balance.

dvinewinetime 2010 B Side NV Cabernet SauvignonB SIDE 2010 NAPA VALLEY CABERNET SAUVIGNON.  A deep, deep red with hues of violet and rose. Very lovely in the glass.  The nose brings out tons of cassis, dark berries and currents with very light hints of oak. First sip pulls out big berry fruit with hints of leather (nothing heavy) and cherries just afterwards.  Acidity and fruit are very balanced.  There’s enough acidity to pair very nicely with many types of food and big tannins that will kick the butt out of a big, juicy steak! Very slight wood tone on finish. Not as oaky as many other Napa Valley Cabernets.

The price on the B Side beauties is $30.00 per bottle. A serious bargain for fruit that comes from some of the same vineyards as say, “Caymus or Stag’s Leap” and a winemaker that matches the reputation.  These wines, by any other name, would be all of $70.00 plus.  I’m giving both the B Side 2010 Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon a FOUR BOTTLE Rating. B Side wines are “A Side Hits” and in remembering the grand 45 RPM hit, “I Will Survive”…you may recall it was a “B Side” song that outplayed the “A Side” intended. Don and Sons has figured that out and their B Side Wines are giving Napa Valley “A Listers’ ” a run for their money!


** Sample Courtesy of Don and Sons & Balzac Communications **