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dvinewinetime Franciscan Estate NV Chardonnay 2011.2Once again Napa Valley’s Franciscan Estate Winery has put their chardonnay wine on the map. The 2011 Napa Valley chardonnay is probably their best yet! Simply wonderful. A balanced and well priced wine.

Franciscan Estate Wines have had a long reputation of being known for their red wines. It’s not surprising as they were one of the pioneers in making the Oakville AVA famous, but today’s Franciscan Estate Wines knows its chardonnay, as well. Their current director of winemaking, Janet Myers, has a true knack for white wines. The 2011 chardonnay is a fine example!

In the glass, the 2011 Franciscan Estate Napa Valley Chardonnay is a golden yellow. It’s clear and sharp. The nose is overwhelming with apples cooked in butter topped with honeysuckle floral notes. Truly appetizing. dvinewinetime Franciscan Estate NV Chardonnay 2011.1The taste is full and lush. Apple, kiwi and lemony fruit with plenty of acidity, but a long, beautiful, creamy finish. This chardonnay is definitely not an oak bomb, but holding on to the old school of creamy Chardonnays ~ buttery without a ton of oak. Balanced. I paired this wine with a grilled chicken salad, topped with roasted sweet peppers and brie. The pairing was perfection!

I’m scoring the 2011 Franciscan Estate Napa Valley Chardonnay FOUR BOTTLES. It’s lovely, genuine and a showcase of Napa Valley fruit and winemaking. Make sure to pick up a bottle at your local wine store soon because as good as the 2010 was and the 2012 might be….the 2011 vintage hits the mark!


** Sample Received Courtesy of Folsom & Assoc **