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In today’s effort of saving our planet, everything counts. Big to small. From individual action, to businesses, to farmers, it all counts. At Wente Vineyards they take their part in helping our Earth from front to back; Certified Sustainable in farming practices; winemaking; bottling and business practices. Their efforts show results. Their results are rewarding.

dvinewinetime Wente Vineyards Reliz Creek Pinot Noir 2The Wente family has been part of the Livermore wine country for over 129 years and proudly holds the honor of the oldest, continuing running family winery in the country. In 2010, Wente Vineyards was one of the first wineries to receive the Certified California Sustainable wine growing designations and in 2011 succeeded to certify every aspect of their business. Wente Vineyard’s wines have always been remarkable and noteworthy….but today, their sustainable farming efforts and winemaking are proving that the wines can and are, even better!

The Wente Vineyards Reliz Creek 2009 Pinot Noir is a fine example of how a dvinewinetime Wente Vineyards Reliz Creek Pinot Noir 1California Pinot should be. A light cherry red with hints of amber at the edges when you swirl in the glass. The wine has a light earthiness to it…tasting of tart cherries and plums and a great acidity balance with a long, complex, smooth finish. One of my favorite foods to have with Pinot Noir is mushrooms. The earthiness is such a wonderful compliment to a good Pinot. I made a simple rustic Mushroom Crostini to snack on with the Wente Vineyards Reliz Creek Pinot and it was a match! (make sure to go light on garlic when it comes to Pinot pairings) I also used a beautiful, sustainable olive oil, produced by Wente Vineyards called Oro Fino. Lush, green olive taste with a silky mouth feel. Excellent to sauté with and use as a finishing oil.dvinewinetime Wente Vineyards Food Pairing

For desert, nothing is better than sipping on a late harvest wine. It’s simple and sweet. The Wente Vineyards Small Lot Late Harvest Riesling is a sure bet for dessert satisfaction! The wine is golden in color, clear like sunlight with a taste of honeysuckle nectar, pears and crème brûlée. Floral notes float about and at the end of a long, succulent finish you have the sense of caramel candy. The best quality about this wine is the acidity of the riesling, even though this is a sweet wine…it’s just not too sweet. It pairs beautifully with the creaminess of brie cheese. Very balanced. Elegant.dvinewinetime Wente Vineyards Late Harvest Riesling

Sustainability and Mother Earth must be synonymous. Today is Earth Day and we should be reminded to do our part to live wise, work smart and do our duty in saving our planet. Wente Vineyards is doing their part and you can continue that support by shopping for wines that are certified sustainable. I am handing out a FIVE BOTTLE rating for both of these wines and the olive oil. Not only because they are sustainable products…but mostly because they taste so good and are a great California wine value. Look for Wente Vineyards in your local wine stores and supermarkets. They are distributed to many states. If you can’t find them local, they will be happy to ship to you… http://www.wentevineyards.com/wine/


** Samples Courtesy of Wente Vineyards & Charles Comm **