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“Eat, Play, Rose”

dvinewinetime Blackbird Vineyards Arriviste Rose 2012Roses’ are taking the warm weather by storm this year and more than
ever…winemakers are getting back to not only entertaining the production of
them, but finding the best quality grapes and keeping it simple and pure, so
the Rose doesn’t have to be broken down into discerned critique…but simply
enjoyed. No one has accomplished this more than Blackbird Vineyards with their 2012 Arriviste Rose.  It was made for drinking.  Period.

dvinewinetime Blackbird Vineyards 2012 Arriviste RoseThe Arriviste Rose is a beautiful, light raspberry pink.  When you pour it
into your glass, you will no doubt sense fields of strawberries, fresh picked
raspberries and notes of lavender.  A potpourri for the senses! As you
start to drink this gorgeous wine, your mouth will fill with tart cherries and
sweet strawberries with a tinge of lemongrass and a breath of orange blossoms.  Wonderful acidity and fruit balance. I had this rose on two different evenings and it paired great with food! From taco salad to a grilled chicken dinner…there’s nothing it wouldn’t go with. More importantly, this
rose is made for drinking…so it’s not a requirement to have it “food
bound”. Just open, pour and let the good times roll!

I’m giving this summer treat a FOUR BOTTLE Rating.  It’s a mere $25.00 per
bottle and should easily be on your wine shelf this summer as a go to after a
long Saturday of shopping, softball games and swimming pools. If you are not
able to find it locally, the 2012 Arriviste is sold winery direct at: http://store.blackbirdvineyards.com/index.cfm?method=storeproducts.showlist&productcategoryid=C8A09919-9333-08B3-AEDC-D8C4C77CB3EC&isMarketingURL=1&maxrows=20.

There’s no doubt that true Rose is taking back its claim to fame as the right
kind of “Pink Wine” to be drinking. Make Blackbird Vineyards 2012
Arriviste Rose one that you’ll be drinking….and drinking and drinking.