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Graševina Daruvar 2011

Croatia makes wine? I had asked the same question upon learning that they do indeed make wine and some fine, fine wine at that!

Daruvar is a spa town, located in the western part of the Croatian plains, on the foothills of the Papuk mountain, with wine tradition longer than 2200 years. The name Daruvar actually means “crane town”…hence the bird on the bottles’ label. This “Crane Town” focuses on growing white varieties with an emphasis on the local favorite, the Graševina grape.

dvinewinetime Grasevina Daruvar 2011The 2011 Graševina Daruvar is a simple, beautiful wine. A very light, straw yellow color yet crystal clear in clarity. The nose gives off subtle lemon notes with delicate hints of vanilla. On the taste buds you’ll find classic light citrus, mineral and rock with fuller mouth feel than expected. A nice, moderate finish with fruit notes finishing at the end. This is a wonderful wine to pair with salads that are dressed with vinaigrettes. The acidity and mineral notes match well.

If you’re like me and not fortunate enough to travel to Croatia anytime soon, then by all means, please search your local markets for a Croatian wine. They are special and will take you to Croatia again and again through your senses and taste. Hop on board – this ship is heading out of port and into adventurous wine travel and Croatia is on the map!



** Media Sample Courtesy of Protocol Wine Studio **