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Pretty in Pink

To sparkle or not to sparkle? That is the question. The answer is to always sparkle! Sparkling wine of course!  It’s summer and let’s face it, chilled cocktails are where it’s at and nothing can foot the bill or be as versatile as sparkling wines.  They are meant to be served iced cold, they are wonderful to be used in wine cocktail recipes, they travel ANYWHERE, as you never need a corkscrew and they pair with ANY food! What’s not to like? dvinewinetime Domain Chandon Sparkling Rose 2

As rose wines are taking back their claim to fame as the true “Pink Wine” – sparkling roses are even more popular. The rose brings more to the party than just color. Most sparkling roses are made from Pinot Noir grapes and the rose brings an extra flavor profile to the sparkling wine that well….kicks it into high gear! One of my all-time favorite sparkling wines for every day, summer drinking is Domain Chandon Sparkling Rose.  It’s affordable, it’s found almost anywhere and it really tastes great!

dvinewinetime Domain Chandon Sparkling Rose 1The Domain Chandon Rose is a beautiful salmon pink with strong bubbles. I speak about the strength in the bubbles because if you’ve tried enough sparkling wines, you will come to learn that not all bubbles are created equal. Some are more prevalent and stronger in carbonation than others. Strong bubble is a plus in my book. If I’m sipping sparkling wine, I want bubbles that jump up and tickle my nose.  Speaking of nose… the Chandon Rose is full of strawberries, cherries and lemongrass.  As expected when you taste it on your palate, it is a beautiful dry, crisp wine.  Then you get a full mouth feel of strawberries dipped in almond cream. A slight nuttiness gives off the almond affect.  Very good acidity and Bing cherry fruit lingering on a long, long finish.

I love this pink beauty and with an average SRP of $22.00 per bottle, you really should grab a bottle this weekend – with no occasion or reason in mind – and just sip and savor the delectable bubbles of Domain Chandon Rose!  I’m giving it a FOUR BOTTLE Rating and plan on adding it, as I usually do, to my summer repertoire of sparkling wines.  Give yourself the pleasure of rose and the joy of bubbles with Domain Chandon Rose. After all, this is summer and you need no occasion: chill, pop and enjoy!