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Red, White and Rocks!

Wine blends (or sometimes referred to as table wine) can be some of the most amazing wines you may ever try.  They offer such uniqueness to the palate and often pair better with multiple food choices than your single varietals. Since the introduction of Cornerstone’s Stepping Stone Rocks wines, Cornerstone has been taking the best of what is available each vintage year and making a terrific blend. I believe these two are their best yet; and with a fabulous new label, what is not to love!

The 2012 Stepping Stone Rocks North Coast White is a secret blend of fabulous white grape varietals. dvinewinetime Stepping Stone Rocks North Coast White 2012The wine is a light and bright buttercup yellow with a very slight effervescent of bubble in the glass which makes it beautiful to swirl! On the nose are bright, juicy stone fruits, a little green apple and honeysuckle notes that you could bottle as perfume! The wine is dry and crisp with acidity of lemons hitting you up front.  It has a great, full mouth feel with succulent pineapple, peaches and kiwi finishing off a long, tasteful finish. The 2012 North Coast White reminds me very much of a fruitful Riesling in taste and nose, but with more pleasant crispness and acidity. A phenomenal white wine with endless possibilities of food pairings and even better on its own!

dvinewinetime Stepping Stone Rocks North Coast Red 2011The 2011 Stepping Stone Rocks North Coast Red is also a secret blend of Napa Valley red grape varietals….all blended into a masterpiece red wine that you could be proud to serve on any dinner table! From pizza and BBQ to grilled steaks or roasted lamb with trimmings; this is one versatile red wine.  A dark, plum red in color; stunning.  The nose has big fruit: plums, blackberry, spice and wood. Very breath taking. Of course, on the palate you have dark berries, plums and currents. Full mouth feel and very nice acidity level that balances out with the fruit. An awesome spice and black pepper finish that is outstanding! This is truly a unique red wine and really delicious!

Both of the Stepping Stone Rocks North Coast wines are $18.00 per bottle.  Sold winery direct and by the case with discounts…these two should not only be invited to your home, but made a permanent part of your family! FOUR BOTTLE Ratings and a case recommend, by yours truly. Yes, I’m a fan of Cornerstone Stepping Stone wines and I do honestly and subjectively try to find fault with them when I drink them….but I simply can’t. They are very delicious values and quite frankly, a great example of California, winery direct affordability for the everyday consumer.  You can find these two and many other Stepping Stone wines at Cornerstone Cellars.
Give Stepping Stone North Coast Rocks White and Red a try….you will find great pleasure when you do!


** Samples received courtesy of Cornerstone Cellars **