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Albariño is one of the most sensual and profound white wines out there. The name alone rolls off your tongue with a sexy sound to it. And why wouldn’t it? Its Spanish of course…a Spanish delight that is a true favorite of mine, especially in the summer months and when a California girl needs to get her Albariño on…she turns to no other than Bokisch Vineyards in Lodi, California.

dvinewinetime Bokisch Vineyards 2010 Albarino 2Bokisch Vineyards is well known in California and elsewhere for their Spanish varietals. Markus Bokisch and his family have full blown Spanish heritage, so it’s only befitting. Bokisch Vineyards is also a leader in sustainable farming practices in Lodi, CA. The wines of Bokisch are certified by “The Lodi Rules for Sustainable Winegrowing Practices”, a program requiring an annual certification. They have been practicing sustainable vineyard management since 1995 and currently have 1500 acres of sustainable grown grapes. Of these grapes are the Albariño’ and Markus Bokisch has it down pat on how a great Albariño should taste.

The 2010 Bokisch Vineyards Albariño is classic in all of the elements of Spanish Albariño. Lemon yellow in the glass, but remarkably crystal clear in clarity. The nose gives off delicate apricots, bright peaches and sharp lemons with a bit of floral note at the tail end. Albariño is very similar to Viognier in aroma and can really knock your socks off before one sip, but trust me….you will not stop short of a sip! The Bokisch Albariño is like tasting a lemon tart with notes of peach and nectarine. Simply beautiful. Very bright acidity with a full mouth feel. This wine is absolutely excellent with food, especially shellfish and/or salads. It’s a light wine with big acidity – very clean flavors and rich, ripe fruit.dvinewinetime Bokisch Vineyards 2010 Albarino 1

The Bokisch Vineyards 2010 Albariño receives a FIVE BOTTLE Rating. It’s worth paying quite a few dollars for….but you won’t have to. It comes at an unbelievable price of $18.00 per bottle. It’s everyday California wine and none should be any better! Sassy, tart and luscious. What more could you want from a summertime white? Oh! … and you get to feel like you were just whisked away to the Spanish vineyards of the Rias Baixas via Lodi, CA. Yeap, that’s good California wine!


** Sample received courtesy of Bokisch Vineyards and Charles Communications **