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There’s something about Livermore, CA wine.  It speaks of great history; sustainable farming and remarkable talent in winemakers….flavor profiles that go beyond the glass.  Livermore, CA wine is not simply a drink….it’s an experience and I have been very fortunate to partake in more and more wines from this “Golden Valley” of California.  Recently, I tasted the Murrieta’s Well wines of Livermore.  A rich, history making winery, only recently purchased by the Wente Vineyards family.  Amazing wines, amazing prices and a must visit if you are in Livermore wine country.
dvinewinetime Murrietas Well Wines
The 2011 Murrieta’s Well Los Tesoros White Meritage is a tasty find and only sold at the Murrieta’s Well tasting room.  For a mere $28; this blend is amazing.  Unique in flavor, due to an exceptional balance of two varietals, that compliment well when done right. Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon:  Sweet spice meets fruity acidity. dvinewinetime Murrietas Well 2011 Los Tosoros White MeritageOpposites do attract and this white meritage is a beautiful and tasty example of how harmony is brought forth from the barrel to the bottle to your glass. Definitely try and buy this unique blend when visiting the Murrieta’s Well tasting room.

dvinewinetime Murrietas Well 2010 The WhipThe 2012 Murrieta’s Well “The Whip” is a refreshing, summer white blend. A melting pot of several white varietals – this crisp, fruity, lightly sweet wine is a definite patio sipper.  Big stone fruits flavors of peaches and red plums with a bit of citrus and a hint of white hibiscus floral bring a smooth, delicate dance to your mouth.  Refreshing and drinkable, you’re likely to finish a bottle before you know it! “The Whip” retails for about $19 per bottle and can be found at many wine retailers across the states. It’s worth making an effort to find this summer.

The 2011 Murrieta’s Well “The Spur” is no stranger to backyard barbecue. Another kitchen sink red blend of fantastic Livermore varietals, this red wine becomes a creature of its own once poured into the glass and sipped with barbecue ribs; hamburgers and even grilled chicken! dvinewinetime Murrietas Well 2011 The SpurThe smokiness from the grilled food compliments the fruit forwardness and toasted spice you get with this blend. It’s affordable and stands tall even on its own. Your friends and family will no doubt enjoy it. $25 per bottle and again, found at many wine retailers across the states.

Murrieta’s Well wines are a lovely example of Livermore, CA and what it can offer the everyday wine lover. It’s also another extension of the talent of the Wente Vineyards winemaker, Karl Wente and the passion of the Wente family preserving the rich history of Livermore wine country with Murrieta’s Well Winery.  I give all three of these wines a FOUR BOTTLE Rating and hope that you will look for them at your local wine retailer, take them home to share with family and friends and live a little Livermore, CA in your own backyard. It’s what wine is all about….passion, history and experience…all in one sip!



** Samples courtesy of Wente Family Vineyards and Charles Communications **