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“Get Your Cab On”

Summer patio dinners at home. They’re a family tradition in the best of ways and anything from hot dogs with the kids to fine dining with your “special someone”; they fill a spot in our everyday lives that reminds us that summer is here.

Summer is not just a white wine or rose season either. Oh sure, the cooler, crisper wines are sipped on more often and for good reason, they are refreshing and go with most summer fare foods, but we cannot forget our King of the Grill…The Steak. No white or rose will hold up to a beefy, juicy, medium rare piece of Prime….no sir. It’s cabernet, all the way! What? Big red wine in the summer? I say yes. Yes to big juicy steaks and a 2009 Steven Kent Winery Home Ranch Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

dvinewinetime SKWinery 2009 HRV Cabernet Sauvignon 3Of course, the Steven Kent Home Ranch Cab can be consumed anytime of the year, but this extraordinary cabernet is not to be consumed as an ordinary or everyday cabernet. it’s special through and through and paired up with a splurge evening on the patio with your “special someone” and a Prime, dry aged steak off the grill…you have the makings of a remarkable evening.

The Steven Kent Winery is known for its Livermore Valley Cabernet. A treat among treats and with good reason. They produce some of the best there is in California and as a Napa Valley lover of cabernet, I can tell you it’s true. The 2009 Steven Kent Winery Home Ranch Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is in the class of some of the greats out of Napa Valley that I have had the luxury of trying. dvinewinetime SKWinery 2009 HRV Cabernet Sauvignon 4Brilliant dark plum purple with beautiful clarity when the light shines through it – its literally a work of art in the glass. The nose is full of dark blackberries, cassis and currants with hints of wood and vanilla. My first sip of this wine wowed me to no end. A true gem of a cabernet. Ripe, dark berries fill your palate and then notes of plum and cassis with lush undertones of sage dance on your tongue. Big fruit flavor, delicately balanced with tannins and oak. Long, silky finish that simple takes your breath away. Elegant and rich. This is a luxurious cabernet sauvignon.

The Steven Kent 2009 Home Ranch Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon is magnificently done. This is a FIVE BOTTLE wine without hesitation. Pricing around $65.00 per bottle it’s not an everyday quaff, although you wish it were. Splurge is the word and the next time you decide to break out the wallet and have your summertime patio steak dinner….this is no doubt the choice to make in your wine selection. Don’t just think whites this summer. Get your cab on and make it a big one!


** Sample received courtesy of Steven Kent Winery **