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“The Other Red Wine”

Roses are the wine essence of summer. Wonderful to sip in the heat; pair them with any food and they are the beautiful summer color of pink! Recently, I had the pleasure of tasting through four of Lodi, California’s dry Roses’. WBW LogoAll beautiful, unique and tasty! Being that today is Wine Blogger Wednesday (episode #80 Dry Rose) ~ I felt compelled to share the Rose wonders of Lodi. Lodi is not all about Zinfandel…..many wineries in the area are producing serious and wonderful dry Roses.

The following four are only a few of the many choices that are part of Lodi’s Other Red Wines:

dvinewinetime Bella E Rosa 2012 RoseA beautiful, soft peach color with a “baby powder” look to it. An incredible nose of watermelon and hibiscus tea. This rose was far more powerful on the palate than anticipated. A watermelon jolly rancher without all of the sweet! Grapefruit citrus with lavender and rose petal finish. A medium mouth feel with a really long finish. Absolutely one of my favorite Lodi Roses!

ONESTA ROSE 2012dvinewinetime Onesta 2012 Rose
This blush pink wine is glowing with tints of salmon color. The nose gives off candied ginger and a little watermelon with subtle notes of lime. A bright, fresh lemon and cherry fruit hits your taste buds right out gate upon first sip. There are slight grassy notes with this wine with a full mouth feel and long, acidic finish. Very food friendly.

dvinewinetime Heritage Oak 2012 GrenacheBright pink in the glass, this wine is a real show stopper in the glass. The nose carries a bit of watermelon and bright strawberries with a slight hint of rose petal.
Nice acidity of bing cherries balanced with sweet strawberries when you first take a sip. Notes of lemongrass and white tea hit you mid-palate. This Rose has a full mouth feel and very nice finish. Great patio wine!

MCCAY CELLARS ROSE 2012dvinewinetime McCay 2012 Rose
The McCay Cellars is soft pink in color and in taste. This was the “lightest” in color and body of the Roses I tried, but not short on character or flavor! A lightly acidic wine with grapefruit tones and strawberry fruit. A moderate fullness and a crisp finish. I enjoyed this one a bit closer to room temperature as it brought out more flavor and subtle nuances. A great salad friendly wine.

I frequently here many people proclaim they just didn’t know Lodi, California produced dry Rose wine. I’m not surprised by this as the central valley was once known for its White Zinfandel and over the years as the trend for White Zin faded, the notion that all pink wines would taste sweet like White Zin remained. But I’m here to proclaim that beautiful, elegant, tasty dry Rose does exsist in Lodi and with each year, it gets better and better! I hand off a FIVE BOTTLE Rating on all four of the Roses listed above. They are among some of the best from California.dvinewinetime 2012 Lodi Roses

Keep up your search for more Dry Roses in your neck of the woods and don’t forget that Lodi, California brings us more than Zinfandel ~ Lodi also brings us “The Other Red Wine”!


** Samples Received courtesy of Lodi Wine Commission and Charles Communications **