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Argentina Pinot Noir is a newborn when it comes to “age” in the wine industry and it is not common knowledge among every day, U.S. wine drinkers. Argentina is a country with a long wine drinking heritage that is mostly known for their Malbec, but be forewarned…they are producing amazing Pinot Noirs’ and the value for such lovely wine is phenomenal.

Argentina’s wine industry is the fifth largest producer in the world. Winemakers of Argentina have traditionally been more interested in “quantity” than “quality”. This is due to Argentinean’s consuming ninety percent of the wine it produces. But since the nineties, Argentina has desired to ramp up their export of wine and by doing so, winemakers are focusing on the “quality”. This has grown Argentina’s export market considerably and quality Pinot Noir has been added to their list.

I recently had the opportunity to taste three, value friendly and beautifully executed Pinot Noirs’ from Argentina. These Pinot’s have excited my palate about Argentinean wines. I am a fan of Malbec, but I am a bigger fan of Pinot Noir and these truly fit the bill for high end, value driven, everyday, wine drinking!

dvinewinetime TrapicheTrapiche Pinot Noir 2012 – Mendoza

This wine is a light garnet red color with cherry and raspberry fruit permeating your nose. A small hint of spice, cherries and cranberries on the palate which lend to a good amount of acidity. An earthy note towards the finish. Not very tannic, light to medium body. A really great Pinot Noir that is nothing over the top…but very wonderful to drink with or without food. SRP of $10.00 per bottle and a THREE BOTTLE Rating.

dvinewinetime SaurusSaurus Pinot Noir 2011 – Patagonia

A nice ruby red with light edges when you swirl in the glass. The nose gives off a nice spice with cherries and a hint of floral. On the palate is bright, Bing cherry, dark plum and light spice. A smooth and fruity Pinot Noir with a great balance of acidity and a beautiful, lush finish. I enjoyed this Pinot Noir very much, as it was not too showy. It’s complex enough but comes off as simple and drinkable. Fabulous Pinot. SRP of $15.00 and a FOUR BOTTLE Rating.

dvinewinetime BardaBarda Pinot Noir 2011 – Patagonia

A light cherry red with hints of amber when the light reflects on it in your glass. An earthy nose with cherries, spice and a light tobacco. On the palate is bright cherries with good acidity, sweet fruit at first then a light spice, white pepper and a light to medium mouth feel. Nice lingering finish. This is a beautiful Pinot Noir and could be shared with friends at a nice dinner party. It would also serve as a wonderful wine to have at the Thanksgiving table. SRP of $25.00 and a FOUR BOTTLE Rating.

In a country where forty percent of the population is descended from Italian and thirty percent from Spanish, it is no wonder that wine is so much a part of Argentina. But remember, it’s not all about Malbec for there is a plethora of great, quality, value wine coming out of Argentina today and some of the top contenders are featured here today. Look for these Pinot Noirs’ and many other Argentinean wines in your local wine stores.

Argentinean Pinot Noir – it’s worth drinking!


** Samples received courtesy of Argovino for #winechat and review purposes **