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There’s probably nothing better than escaping to a place or time through food and wine. It’s something we can all do – from almost anywhere – with almost any memory or place. It’s a magic that should be enjoyed more often in our busy lives.

dvinewinetime Renwood Winery Sauv Blanc 2012I like to take warm, summer favorites and make them my dreary, winter day escapes. Food and wine can easily accomplish this and Renwood Winery 2012 Sauvignon Blanc is the best summer wine to bring bright sunshine to a cloudy, cool day!

The 2012 Renwood Sauvignon Blanc is a cool, refreshing wine – summertime in a glass! A light straw yellow with highlights of gold in the glass and pineapple, pears and a slight green note of banana leaves on the nose. Tropical through and through. The palate brings forth bright lemons and pears with notes of green apple and pineapple. Round and structured with a nice, smooth finish.

Pairing the 2012 Renwood Sauvignon Blanc couldn’t be easier. dvinewinetime Renwood Winery Sauv Blanc 12It’s bright, tropical with plenty of lemon acidity and these are classic requirements in pairing with greek salad, grilled lemon chicken, grilled white fish or steamed artichokes with lemon aoli. (my personal favorite and the dish that completed my summertime escape!)

Renwood Winery is located in Plymouth, CA in Amador County and produces many different wines, with Zinfandel holding the leading role. But do not let a big red be bully to you grabbing up as many bottles as you can of this tasty, zingy 2012 Renwood Sauvignon Blanc. A FOUR BOTTLE Rating and only $23.00 a bottle. A true California delight and a magic show you can perform all year long!



** Sample received courtesy of Renwood Winery **