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Cline Cellars 2012 Ancient Vine Zinfandel is a wonderful example of why I write this blog. A California wine, a California varietal and a legendary winery that is on top of its game. An affordable California wine that is for everyday wine drinkers…Cline Cellars 2012 Ancient Vine Zinfandel.

dvinewinetime Cline Ancient Vine 2012 ZinfandelIt’s no secret that Cline Cellars is known for it’s Zinfandel & Rhone wines. They’ve been part of Sonoma County winemaking for over 20 years, with founding roots in Contra Costa County. Pioneers of planting Rhone varietals in Sonoma and avant-garde with producing Zinfandel in an area that was only known for its’ Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Cline Cellars is nothing short of exceptional, value driven wines that when you are drinking them, value is the furthest thing from your mind!

The 2012 Cline Cellars Ancient Vine Zinfandel is a beautiful, classic Zinfandel. A dark Aubergine in color with lavender reflections, once poured into the glass. A big nose of dark blackberries with nutmeg and black pepper spice. A bit of current and wood, but nothing overwhelming. The best part is the taste! Blackberries, blueberries and big red plums. A very nice pepper spice mid palate and a lush fruitiness on the finish. This is a Zinfandel that will please many a palate! Good for sipping at parties this holiday season or pairing with foods. It’s got versatility written all over it. dvinewinetime Cline Ancient Vine 12 ZinfandelI enjoyed my bottle two different evenings…once paired with Baked BBQ Chicken (D’ Vine pairing!) and the second evening with Spaghetti and Meatballs. (paired extremely well!) A wine that can go from an extreme of BBQ to marinara sauce is alright in my book. I give this wine a FOUR BOTTLE Rating. It costs around $18.00 per bottle and can be found on any wine retail shelf across the U.S. and via their website at:http://www.clinecellars.com/AncientVinesZinfandel.

Cline Cellars 2012 Ancient Vine Zinfandel aims to please the palate and the pocket book. I believe in keeping everyday life as simple as possible…not boring or mundane, but not having to up the mark everyday with something bigger and better. Sit back a few minutes a day and reflect; enjoy your family at dinner time and when you are doing both of these…enjoy them with the everyday pleasure of Cline Cellars 2012 Ancient Vine Zinfandel. It’s California wine for everyday.


** Sample received courtesy of Cline Cellars **