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dvinewinetime Steven Kent Winery Lola Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Meaning of Lola: “strong woman”

Origin of Lola: Spanish, diminutive of Dolores

Gender: F

Steven Kent Winery’s “Lola” 2013 Sauvignon Blanc. A lady by every meaning of the word, yet Lola does not hold back. She speaks her mind and does it with elegance and finesse. Lola manages to be sexy without going over the top. One of the best California Sauvignon Blancs’ I have encountered in a long while.

Lola is the type of wine that once she’s in your heart she’ll stay there forever. She fascinates you by her stunning looks and great personality. Her essence creates a sense of happiness. dvinewinetime Steven Kent Winery Lola Sauvignon Blanc Food PairingShe has the most magnificent brightness, acidity and complexity, which when combined, makes her gleam and shine. You’ll also find yourself on your toes with Lola. She’s full of excitement and surprise. Some may think Lola can be a challenge to food pairing, but I disagree. Pairing her with a food that is as complex and bright as she is, is all that it takes. Sharing her with friends and family and a recipe of “Goat Cheese Spring Pea Crostini” definitely does the trick. Although, keeping her to yourself on a warm, sunny patio would not be out of the question.

Lola is a wine that is hard to come by, mostly winery direct, so if you’ve got her, then you’re one of the luckiest people in the world, as she’s truly perfect. I give Lola a FIVE BOTTLE RATING and make it a point to have her around at least once or twice every spring. Once in love with her, consider yourself hooked. Lola’s superlative qualities and personality will put you off all other Sauvignon Blancs’ for life… as there is no one else quite like…”Lola”.



** Sample received courtesy of Steven Kent Winery **