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If ever just one white blend wine should make it to your table, let it be Stepping Stone Rocks White, by Cornerstone Cellars.

This white wine is simply fantastic and is one of the most versatile wines I’ve ever encountered. Stepping Stone Rocks White has just about every flavor note imaginable in white wine and an acidity level and sweetness level that mainstreams it into such a lovable wine by all…yet there’s nothing mainstream about it!

Cornerstone Stepping Stone White Rocks 2013Tropical notes on the nose of pineapple; kiwi; white peach and lilac with a little banana leave, lift your senses to a place where you know that first sip will be amazing. Light and crisp on the palate with a slight residual sweet note of candied ginger – giving it an ever so delicate spice. White peaches and rose petals linger on the finish, making it one smooth and delicious wine!

With versatility and price, you can’t go wrong in making it a regular contributor to your spring time meals and summer time patio fun! This wine will pair with all sorts of vegetables, salads, grilled fair, fish and lightly spiced dishes. (I tried with a grilled teriyaki pineapple chicken burger and it paired D’Vinely!)

Make sure to give Cornerstone Cellars, Stepping Stone 2013 Rocks White a try this year…. before they sell out. Only $14.99 a bottle and it’s so worth ordering and having it shipped to your home if it’s not sold in retail establishments near you. Go to: https://www.cornerstonecellars.com/Wines/Rocks.

Get your white on during this warm weather season and Rock!


**   Sample received courtesy of Cornerstone Cellars   **