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When it comes to drinking red wine, aeration or decanting is key. Red wine needs air to breath; to bring out all of it flavors and nuances.  Drinking it straight from the bottle to glass leaves most red wines “tight” and restricted. Think of when you take your most comfortable shoes off at the end of a long day…your feet feel “free”; unrestricted. Red wine works the same way.  But too much air will leave your red wine flavorless and tannic structure, broken.  This is why the proper tool is so important.

I am the only person in my home that drinks wine and so I find myself in a pickle to use my decanters unless I have company. I am a big fan of handheld aerators. You can uncork your bottle of red; pour one or two glasses using your aerator and seal the bottle up for the next day.

Recently I was approached to try a new aeration line of products by Vinomax. They boost a patented “Triple Aeration Process”.  I was intrigued.  Since I am a fan of aeration products and one of my all-time favorites has been Vinturi; I had to give this line a try. I am glad I did. In my humble opinion, I think Vinomax is the first product to give Vinturi a run for their money. Oh, there are a lot of “aeration” products out there, but don’t be fooled by all of the hype and plastic. It’s just that. Results are what count and no one has held a candle to Vinturi ~ until now.

I was given a sample of two of the Vinomax triple aeration products:  The Handheld Aerator and The Bottle Pourer Aerator. Below are my thoughts in using each one, on more than one occasion.

dvinewinetime Vinomax Wine AeratorVINOMAX Triple Aeration Handheld Aerator:  The handheld is good sized and light weight. It’s easily held in your hand, over the glass. The wine pours through quickly and easily aerates very well.  The aerator is in two parts for easy clean up. There’s nothing to dislike about this handheld aerator. It’s easy to use and works very well.



VINOMAX Triple Aeration Bottle Pourer Aerator:  This aerator is different, but dvinewinetime Vinomax Bottle Aeratorinventive. The aerator is actually inserted into the wine bottle in the same fashion a wine stopper is. When you pour your glass of wine, the wine flows directly through the aerator. A simple, less cumbersome way to aerate, but I found it to be a little nerve racking. The wine pours much slower through this aerator and call me nuts, but I simply can’t get past tipping my wine bottle upside down with an aerator on it without thinking it could pop off at any given moment!  Other than these two issues, it aerates just as well as the held hand, is a terrific option for groups or parties and is also lightweight and easy to clean.


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Overall, the Vinomax’s patented triple aeration process clearly has some excellent results. The aerators I tried worked wonderfully and I would recommend them to anyone who is an everyday wine drinker at home.  Aerate, drink and be happy!




** Samples received courtesy of Vinomax **