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There are always those few wines you receive as a wine blogger/reviewer that make you feel extremely fortunate to have been able to taste them.  You not only like them and enjoy them, but you realize that you are partaking in the perfected reward of hard labor and passion from an outstanding winemaker and you take a time out to savor what you have and reflect.  Lula Cellars is one such winery for me and it’s obvious after one sip, that winemaker Jeff Hansen has a true talent.

Lula Cellars is a limited production, ultra-premium label and is located in Anderson Valley within Mendocino County.  An area known for its award winning Pinot Noir, you might be surprised to know how much more is offered here.  The goal of Lula Cellars is pure and simple:  To produce world class wines to be sold directly to consumers (no distributors or retailers) at prices that are reasonable.  In my opinion, this is not always as easy as it sounds and Lula Cellars has not only accomplished it, year after year, but perfected it.  With amazing wine quality for very little money…I cannot stress enough how much you need to be part of Lula Cellars wine club!

I cannot wait to pay a visit to Lula Cellars in person, as they have so many great wines to offer, but for now I can share with you the following (3) wines that I have tried…Amazing in every way!


Lula Cellars 2014 Rose Red WinePassion fruit richness with candied orange peels.  A full, dry Rose that is lush and crisp. Herbal tea notes with bright acidity and fantastic fruitiness! Long, smooth finish that lingers and has you bated for more!  Absolutely one of the most beautiful Rose’s I’ve tasted. A true bargain at $20 bottle and only 300 case production. 



Dry and crisp up front with bright fruit notes of apricot and melon with a hint of floral, such as lilac or rose.Lula Cellars 2014 Gewurztraminer Great acidity balanced with the fruit and I can personally say it pairs perfectly with raw oysters!  I simply cannot believe this wine is only $20.00 per bottle!  It could retail for $40 and be worth every penny.  Fabulous wine and a true value.  Only a 300 case production.




Lula Cellars  2014 Sauvignon BlancAmazing fruit notes of lychee and fig with white tea, rose petals and light tropical pineapple on the back end.  Mid palate you get an increasingly warm minerality that leads to a fantastic, lingering finish. Round viscosity and bright acidity make this Sauvignon Blanc an absolute dream to sip on. To say it’s amazing, is truly an understatement. $22.00 per bottle and a case production of only 200. Get it fast!


Lula Cellars is a California gem.  If you are visiting the Anderson Valley for wine tasting please make sure you put Lula Cellars on your list.  I guarantee you, they will not disappoint.  Winemaker, Jeff Hansen, probably put it best when he said, “In winemaking, when you let passion be your guide, the finished wine will always reflect the passion!”  Well, I don’t know about you, but I can sip to that accomplishment every day!



** Samples courtesy of Lula Cellars and Chalkboard Communications **