Dave Phinney is a phenomenal winemaker ~ recognized highly by his peers and taking leaps of faith to stand by what he loves most: making wine with complete freedom. Keeping it simple. Keeping it true. Providing wines from “Locations” that are not just a vineyard or appellation – a wine that makes a country or region what it is, a blend of all it offers. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Location Wines. 
Below is a sampling and some tasting notes of Dave’s Location Wines. Each wonderfully unique! 


SRP = $18.99

In the glass: Clear, dark ruby red.  On the nose: Dusty dirt; ripe dark red plums; blackberries; spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.  On the palate: Dark fruit forwardness – very jammy with similar spice notes on palate as is on the nose. Full bodied. Slight earthiness mid palate with integrated tannins and a smooth, long finish. Very drinkable and food approachable.  FOUR BOTTLE RATING 


SRP = $19.99

In the glass: Clear, dark ruby red.  On the nose: Earthiness with cassis and currents. Lots of dark berry fruit.  On the palate: Big ripe red and black fruits with moderate acidity. Full bodied. Earthiness that mimics nose; light leather notes mid palate, similar to a Cabernet with tannins that are integrated and a wonderful long finish.  FOUR BOTTLE RATING 

LOCATION WINES – California White Blend

SRP = $19.99

In the glass: Light golden color.  On the nose: Banana cream with hints of lemon curd, tropical pineapple and green apple, pear notes.  On the palate: Medium body with palate notes that mimic the nose. Good acidity; pineapple, green apple and citrus mid-palate with a long lasting finish.   FOUR BOTTLE RATING 

 LOCATION WINES – French Rose 

SRP = $18.99

In the glass: Light pink and grapefruit color.  On the nose: Floral notes of rose petals, fruit notes of peach and papaya.  Medium bodied with ripe red fruit flavors; slight floral notes. Great balance of acidity and mineralality with a lingering finish.  FOUR BOTTLE RATING 

Finding and trying Location Wines must be added to your “wine finds”. These wines are pure. They are wonderful blends of what is the best to offer at each location. With each sip you will feel and taste the simple freedom that went into the making of each bottle. 

What Location will you be your next? 


** Samples Courtesy of Balzac Commincations **