About This Blog

I am a wine lover and everyday wine drinker.   I have a sincere passion for wine, which is enhanced by my enjoyment of sharing and interacting with others. Recently I took my passion to the next level and received  my WSET II credentials. 

I have lived in Napa and other Northern California wine country areas which has given me an advantage; allowing me to visit wineries on a regular basis and educate myself and my palate specifically on California wines. I have found many wineries in California that not only produce great wines, but affordable wines, ones that can actually be accessible to all of us even though they may not be located in our own backyards.

My goal with this blog is to share my wine experiences with all of the everyday wine drinkers, like myself, and let them know about the great California wines that are affordable and obtainable!

Kim Johnson
D’ Vine Wine Time

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17 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Love this. That’s exactly who I am too. I’m no expert. I’m just someone who loves good wine. Cheers!

  2. Thank You!

  3. I am no expert either, just know what I like. Nice to see that there are lots more of us out there. I was always intimidated by the wine snobs. Not any more!! Cheers!

  4. Happy to have a fellow “wino” enjoy my humble thoughts on wines! Thank you for the comment! I believe in the everyday wine drinkers who know what they like! Cheers to you!

  5. tastefun said:

    Same idea here! Love wine, love to taste new wine, love to travel, when I can.
    Nice to meet you!Cheers!:0)

  6. Thank You tastefun! So glad to meet you & thank you for checking in on my wine page! Cheers!

  7. Good, affordable California wines??? I am all ears!! 🙂

  8. Keep posted for more reviews! I bet you’ll find one you like as well. Thank You for looking over my page – great to have another California wine lover on board! Cheers!

  9. I subscribed. Looking forward to more from you…

  10. Jon Myatt said:

    As an Amador County “local,” I have a deep appreciation for our county’s family-owned wineries, and Zinfandel in particular. Thank you for noticing.

  11. Jon – It is my pleasure to let the rest of the US know about our gem of an area, Amador County, for wonderful wines, including the infamous Zin! I’m a Placer County resident as of current….so I’m not too far away to know & appreciate what the Sierra Foothills has to offer! Thank You very much for adding your thoughts to my post and thank you for reading! Cheers!

  12. *deep sigh* I think I have found a new home and friend. I love wine! I too am no expert or close to it but I know good wine when I taste it.

  13. A new wine home for you Pepper, indeed! Thank you for reading and you are exactly right….you know what YOU like when it comes to wine and if you like it…then it’s good! Keep in touch! I look forward to your shared thoughts on wine!


  14. Love what you’re doing here! To be able to explore and focus so closely on California wines–dream exploring! We don’t have nearly as many wineries in Florida, but I’ll be poking around what they offer. Oh but California! I can’t wait to read your future posts. And definitely adding you to my blogroll.

  15. And you’ve really put me in mind to explore California wines more–just have to go from what you say. 😉

  16. Thank You Ellie! I look forward to having your input as a follower! Cheers!

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