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Looking at all of the beauty and splendor of Ferrari Carano’s 24 estate vineyards, that are in five different appellations, totaling 1,700 acres and you would not even know that it all started with a small, 30­ acre plot of grapes some 36 years ago.  Ferrari­ Carano owns some of the finest wine-growing properties in all of California.  Sonoma is where they call home and wine is not only a passion but a way of life.  Ferrari­ Carano farms all 24 vineyard sites as Certified California Sustainable Vineyards.  Recycling organic matter for use as mulch in the vineyards, planting cover crops and other plant species to avoid soil erosion all adding desirable nutrients back to the soil.  This allows a “terroir” to speak freely through the juice and a winemaker all options when deciding what flavor profile the wines will have.  This summer I had the opportunity to try some of the most wonderful Ferrari Carano Summer Reds that pair best with grill fair, light lunches and good times!

Ferrari Carano 2013 Pinot NoirA wonderful example of California Pinot Noir.   Great balance of acidity vs. fruitiness.  Full of bing cherries, red plums and tart cranberry notes and a terroir earthiness that just lingers on the edges as you “swish” the juice on your palate.  A grand, lengthy finish that is smooth and luxurious.  Terrific food pairing Pinot Noir, as it is subtle enough to go with many foods, but holds enough of it’s own flavors that it’s not lost with a meal.  I paired the 2013 Ferrari Carano Pinot Noir w/ a pork roast dinner the evening I first tasted it and it was amazing, to say the least.  But on the second evening, I finished the leftovers with a simple roasted salmon and fennel and it had to be one of the best Pinot Noirs’ I’ve had with salmon.  (I think day two helped open the wine as well)  You love Pinot Noir?  Get this one and get a case when you find it. It’s THAT good.   SRP $36.00/bottle.

Ferrari Carano Siena 2012 Red BlendThis fabulous red blend is one of a few that I would put in my top 10 Red Blend List.  (yes, I have a list!) I personally think of Red Blend wines as some of the most enjoyable wines out there, because they can have such a unique personality, by combining different types of varietals and making them one.  The Siena Red Blend is a restaurant favorite on many wine lists across the nation… and for good reason.  It’s simply magnificent.  It will be one of your favorites too, if you are lucky enough to land in one of the many restaurants that serve it.  It has everything to please anyone’s palate when it comes to red wine.  Balanced tannic structure that is soft and not overwhelming; balanced acidity with juicy, elegant  dark fruits that fill the senses; warm oak notes of vanilla and spice that round off a long, soft finish that lingers just enough to bring your lips back to the glass wanting for more.  Need I say more?  Yeah, you got this.  SRP $23.00/bottle.

Ferrari Carano 2012 ZinfandelAhhhh…. Zinfandel.  The varietal that seems to have the most re-discovered way to make it into something new when it comes to wine.  I have never experienced such diversity in winemaking tastes with one varietal.  But it does tell you how wonderful the grape is and this 2012 Ferrair Carano Zinfandel is such greatness!  Get out your grill and get your beef burger with blue cheese on!  This 2012 Zinfandel is special and amazing, but it’s “everyday” drinkable and that is what this wine girl is all about!  Big, bold black cherries and dark plums fill your palate with a warming spice in the back of your throat. Carmel and vanilla notes from the oak barrels bring the wine to new heights as the long, lush finish ends with lingering fruit jamminess.  Zin-tastic! SRP $28.00/bottle.

All of Ferrari Carano wines are some of California’s best of the best and when you need that special wine for company or just want a great bottle of Summer Red for dinner, look no further.  They are incredible values and simply cannot be missed out on.


** Samples received courtesy of McCue Communication and Ferrari Carano Vineyards **